Brooklyn Bred

World Premiere
Oct 11—Oct 13, 2012

Curated by Martha Wilson
Coco Fusco
Dread Scott 
Jennifer Miller

About Brooklyn Bred:
A showcase of work by Coco Fusco, Jennifer Miller, and Dread Scott—artists endorsed by Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc., dedicated to supporting art that may be vulnerable due to institutional neglect, its ephemeral nature, or its politically unpopular content (Martha).

Performance art in 2012 means:
An awareness of the transformative potential of human encounters in real time and space (Coco).

I most want my art to:
Smash the state, entertain, give me a break and leave me alone, refresh the spirit, unlock the mind (Jennifer).

My art is inspired by:
An understanding that the world doesn't have to be the way that it is, and that a tiny handful of people don't have to control the wealth and knowledge that humanity as a whole has created (Dread).

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