Never Before Scene

Sat, Apr 20, 2013
  • 2PM
BAM Fisher
RUN TIME: 1 hr, 38mins (plus Q&A)
GENERAL ADMISSION:  All-Access Pass $10 in advance; $15 day of (Includes all screenings and party)
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Saturday April 20, 2013
Performances no longer available.

A program of 9 New York and US premieres, these shorts feature characters who step far outside of themselves; they revel in destruction, and fantasize about love. A hopeless romantic dreams in a coffee shop, cosmic space mushrooms attack earth, and Cro Magnon families struggle to make fire. 

Missed Connections
Dir: Tabitha Fisher
Canada, 2011, 2min
No dialogue. US Premiere
A guy spies his dream girl in the café and imagines their life together in lush, romantic animated detail. 

Dir: Merieke Verbiesen
Norway, 2011, 4min
No dialogue. NY Premiere
Combining the analog form of stop-motion animation with a digital sensibility, this film expands upon the intensity of the titular beat-filled track by Dutch electronic duo Baskerville in a story both alien and familiar. After an experiment goes horribly wrong, colorful clay critters transform into city-destroying monsters inspired by long-extinct species.

Those Who Can
Dir: Casey Kelly
US, 2011, 14min
NY premiere.
Oliver and Alexandra want to be normal for one perfect night: prom at their public high school. But “normal” can be a minefield for an autistic teen. This heartwarming dramedy gently explores the impact of autism.

Barry’s Ices
Dir: Dan Burgess
UK, 2010, 4 min
No dialogue. NY premiere.
An elderly ice-cream man serves the local children with care until an automated robot shows up to put him out of business.

Dir: Ben Mathews
Australia, 2011, 20 min
In English. NY premiere.
In a pristine, affluent household, a mother runs around collecting sharp objects. Her daughter, Emily, is returning home from the hospital after a suicide attempt. This film sets the stage for powerful emotions with a mix of drama and horror.

Dir: Mickaël Bellamy, Coralie Braconnot, Franck Delfortrie & Julien Jamme
France, 2011, 8min
In French with English subtitles. NY Premiere
In the time of cavemen, a pack of violent Cro Magnon men accidentally discover fire, and comedic mayhem ensues.

Hai in Mano il Tuo Futuro! (You Hold Your Future in Your Hands)
Dir: Enrico Maria Artale
Italy, 2010, 15min
In Italian with English subtitles. US Premiere.
In a near-future fascist state, the population is subjected to daily testing of bodily fluids to “control” for everything from drugs and alcohol to licorice and honey. A bad situation makes for a great comedy in this unlikely romance.  

Grzyby Burzy (Mushrooms of the Storm)
Dir: Jan Stelizuk
Poland, 2008, 13min
No dialogue. US premiere.
Space mushrooms infest a traveler’s ship as payback and invade earth in this unique animation about interstellar warfare. With a smooth style reminiscent of Loony Tunes, and some totally unique characters and situations, this clever Polish animation seems both outlandish yet familiar.

Levi’s Horse
Dir: Torfinn Iversen
Norway, 2011, 18min
In Norwegian with English subtitles. US Premiere.
In this dark drama from snowy northern Norway, a boy’s offbeat connection with a mentally disabled man raises an intense dilemma when his peers decide to make the man’s horse a target. 

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