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Film | Kids

Happy Helpers

Ages 2—5
Sat, Feb 22, 2014
  • 10AM
  • 12PM
RUN TIME: 59min
$9 for children (13 & under) and seniors
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Saturday February 22, 2014
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Jump into the mix with this bright group of characters whose adventures start when they take on challenges and help one another. Sing a happy song with a little note who makes a new friend, fly into the sky with Miriam’s Kite, and win a leaf-picking contest with The Smallest Elephant in the World.    

BAM provides age recommendations as a resource for parents based on responses from our children’s focus group. We encourage you to use these recommendations in planning your family’s festival experience!

Lights Out
Dir. Juliette Viger
Denmark, 2013, 1 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

When an uneasy father checks around the house for the source of strange noises, he finds something unexpected in his daughter’s room. 

Dir. Nathaniel Winckler

USA, 2013, 2 min
No dialogue. New York premiere. 

A little bee tries to help his solar-powered plant friend who has run out of energy. 

Tiny Bubbles
Dir. Brent Dawes
South Africa, 2013, 5 min
No dialogue. New York premiere. 

A friendly fish looks for playmates in the ocean and finds bubbles that she tries to save from popping at the surface. 

L’Ami: Make Friends, Lose Friends
Dir. Christophe Defaye and Olivier Defaye
France, Japan, 2013, 2 min
In English. World premiere. 

A little blue note, La, was all alone until he looked up and saw a pink note, Mi who lost her friends. 

The Meatballs and Sorry Bullies
Dir. Johan Hagelbäck
Sweden, 2012, 5 min
No dialogue. New York premiere 

Three meatballs tease a little girl and take her red ribbon. But one bully has a change of heart and feels bad for hurting her. Can he help her feel better, and make himself feel better too? 

Playing With Water 

Dir. Juan Manuel Cost
Argentina, 2013, 3 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

When a boy and a girl find a box with warm clothing, they share their warmth with a snowman! 

Space Jungle: Sticky
Dir. Hangjin Jo

South Korea 2013, 2 min
No dialogue. World premiere. 

Four tiny aliens who have crash-landed on earth must avoid being detected by the man in the house where they are living.

Miriam's Kite
Dir. Riho Unt
Estonia, 2013, 5 min
No dialogue. New York premiere. 

Miriam's pet chicken takes to the skies when it catches a ride on top of her soaring kite. That gives her little brother an idea—but will it work out as well for him as it did for the hen? 

Little Tot, Playing Cards
Dir. Mette Skov

Denmark, 2013, 5 min
In Danish with English subtitles. World premiere. 

When Little Tot tries to teach his friend Ant how to play cards, he learns that winning isn’t the most important thing.  

Paper Bag Boy
Dir. Enson Huang
Taiwan, 2013, 3 min

In Mandarin with English subtitles. New York premiere. 

Little A-chi’s classmates make fun of him for wearing a paper bag over his head all the time. But when A-chi meets an interesting girl wearing a tiger mask, she opens up a new world of friendship for him. 

Tilly and Friends: Really Wheelie Day
Dir. John Rice

Ireland, 2012, 11 min
US/North American premiere. 

Tilly outgrows her tricycle but it's the perfect fit for her friend Hector the pig. Soon all the animals are rolling around on different sets of wheels, but Tilly still hasn't tried her new bicycle. 

Cat in the Bag
Dir. Nils Skapans

Latvia/Estonia, 2013, 7 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

When a playful cat finds itself in a bag out on the street, a lucky coincidence just might land him in the perfect home. 

The Smallest Elephant in the World: A School for Elephants
Dir. Libor Pixa
Czech Republic, 2013, 8 min
In Czech with English subtitles. US premiere. 

As the world’s smallest elephant, Benny has a hard time on the first day of elephant school—until he teams up with a Hyrax more his size. The two friends work together and use their skills to succeed.