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Adventure awaits
Film | Kids Adventure Awaits!


On Demand: Feb 4—12
Running Time: 70min

Characters embark on journeys big and small—from building a monster to going to the dentist—in these animated and live action shorts from around the globe.

In partnership with Northwest Film Forum

Featuring films from Canada, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

Includes films with English subtitles.

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GENERAL ADMISSION: Single Programs: Pay what you wish: $5, $10, $15, $20
Festival Pass: Pay what you wish: $30, $45, $60

The Fox & The Pigeon: Narrative Neighbours (2022)

Dirs. Chelsea van Tol, Tyler Pacana, Matt Walton, Morgan Thompson, Sharon Gabriella, Viktor Ivanovski & Sang Lee, 5 min
In English, Animation


In this second Fox & Pigeon tale, we find ourselves in a library. Fox and Pigeon feel the need to fit in—but aren’t they interesting enough, just the way they are?

Operation Frankenstein (2022)

Dir. José María Fernández de Vega, 11min
In English, Animation
New York Premiere


Three siblings find a broken mannequin in the dumpster and decide to rebuild it using whatever they can find. After that, they try to animate it like Dr. Frankenstein did with his monster.

And Then (2022)

Dirs. Tanja Nuijten, Leo Graf & Raphael Stalder, 3min
In Swiss German with English subtitles


Three children make up the story of a whale jumping out of a mountain lake and taking a ride on a hot air balloon.

IDODO (2020)

Dir. Ursula Ulmi, 10min
In English, Animation


Adapting a local legend by the Ziag Zagaz clan of Papua New Guinea, this animated short retells the story of how reef fish got their beautiful colors when, long ago, fish transformed into humans and came onto land to celebrate and dance. It is a dedicated collaboration between filmmakers, artists, performers and musicians from Papua New Guinea and PNG-born Swiss director Ursula Ulmi, rooted in cultural authenticity and co-creation.

Sockz Studios': I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly (2022)

Dirs. Christian Perry & Eric Tsuchiyama, 4min
In English, Animation


Using newspaper, fabric, and lights, Sockz Theatre puts their spin on the classic story of one lady’s remarkable digestive system.

Hello Stranger (2021)

Dir. Julia Ocker, 6min
Nonverbal, Animation
New York Premiere


An astronaut lands on an unknown planet. Everything is foreign.

I’m Not Afraid (2021)

Dir. Marita Mayer, 7min
In German and Norwegian with English subtitles, Animation


A film for the little ones about fear, courage, and the discovery that there are many things you don’t have to be afraid of if you understand what they are.

Swop - Dentist (2022)

Dir. Job, Joris & Marieke, 10min
In Dutch with English subtitles, Animation


Sef doesn’t want to go to the dentist so he tricks Wesley into swapping heads with him. Wesley has no choice but to go through with Sef’s dental treatment. Fortunately, the pain is soothed by the present he gets from Sef’s parents as consolation.

Spirits of the Forest (2022)

Dirs. Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao & Kalp Sanghvi, 7min
In English and Kannada with English subtitles, Animation
East Coast Premiere


A little girl stumbles into a sacred grove near her village in south India. She disturbs the spirit of the forest, who takes her on an adventure to illuminate the origins of this ancient swampland.

Brave Girl: The Future of Wyoming (2021)

Dir. Mark Pedri, 8min
In English, Live Action
New York Premiere


Brave Girl is a young adventurer who is just beginning her journey of finding out what it takes to climb mountains. Even though she’s only 6, she has an unwavering ambition to climb the biggest mountains in the world, starting with the ones in her backyard in Wyoming.