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Board of Trustees


BAM's Board of Trustees is chaired by Adam E. Max and includes a diverse mix of New York City's corporate, civic, cultural, and educational leaders.


Adam E. Max

William I. Campbell

Katy Clark

Joseph V. Melillo

James I. McLaren

Presidents Emeriti
Karen Brooks Hopkins
Harvey Lichtenstein (in memoriam)

Jonathan Auerbach
Tony Bechara
Fran Bermanzohn
Gordon Bowen
Linda Chinn
Henry Christensen III
Pamela A. Codispoti
Dr. Rudolph F. Crew
Cheryl Della Rosa
Dinyar S. Devitre
Mark Diker
Yrthya Dinzey-Flores
Andre Dua
Thérèse M. Esperdy
Richard E. Feldman
Steven G. Felsher
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Barry M. Fox
MaryAnne Gilmartin
Robert M. Greenberg
Anoushka Healy
G. Penn Holsenbeck
Anne Hubbard
Dan A. Klores
Philippe Krakowsky
Edgar A. Lampert
Gary Lynch
Patricia E. Michels
Ahrin Mishan
William A. Perlmuth
David L. Picket
Frances A. Resheske
Sarah C. Robertson 
Jonathan F.P. Rose
Anna Kuzmik Sampas
Alberto Sanchez
Timothy Sebunya
Bartholomew A. Sheehan III
Brian Stafford
Axel Stawski 
Doug Steiner
Joseph A. Stern
Pedro J. Torres
John Usdan 
Brigitte Vosse
Nora Ann Wallace
Veronica Westberg
Adam Wolfensohn
Claire Wood
Andrew Zolli

Ex Officio
Gina Argento
Lori Luis
Laura Popa

Chairmen Emeriti
Neil D. Chrisman
Seth Faison (in memoriam)
Alan H. Fishman
Bruce C. Ratner

Honorary Trustees
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Mallory Factor
Robert L. Forbes
Charles J. Hamm
Barbara B. Haws, C.A.
William Josephson
Mary Kantor
John Lipsky
Laurie Mallet
Cathy-Ann Martine
David L. Ramsay, M.D., M.Ed.
Elaine Weinstein
Hon. Franklin R. Weissberg

BAM Endowment Trust Board
Gabriel Pizzi, Chair
Keith Stubblefield, Treasurer
William A. Douglass, III
Steven G. Felsher
Alan H. Fishman
Elizabeth Holtzman
James I. McLaren
Alberto Sanchez
Timothy Sebunya
R. Edward Spilka
Nora Ann Wallace
Henry Christensen III (Ex Officio)
Thérèse M. Esperdy (Ex Officio)
Adam E. Max (Ex Officio)


Statement of Policy Regarding Conflict of Interest and Financial Transactions Involving 'Disqualified Persons'

More BAM Leadership
Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer

Mr. Melillo, Executive Producer since 1999, is responsible for BAM's artistic direction.

Katy Clark, President

Katy Clark was appointed BAM’s president in 2015.