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Shadia Mansour

Palestinian MC Shadia Mansour began her musical career as a teen amid public protests against injustices against her people in London. She quickly established herself in the hip-hop scene after joining ARAP, the first Arab hip-hop crew from the diaspora, in 2000. Her political drive stems from her interest in speaking truth to power at political rallies, which she began attending at an early age, using hip-hop as musical intifada to express and globalize the voice of the struggle. In her words, “Arabic hip-hop is not just a certain genre of music, it is the finger that points at everything and questions for instigating change. This is a Culture of Resistance, the only way it can be eradicated is if we refuse to exist.”

Mansour has recorded music with DJ and producer Johnny Juice of Public Enemy. Her single "Al Kufeyyah Arabeyyah/The Kufeyyah is Arab" features M1 of Dead Prez.