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Illstyle & Peace Productions

Illstyle & Peace Productions is a multicultural Philadelphia-based dance company founded in 2000 by Brandon “Peace” Albright. The company creates work rooted in contemporary, West African, old-school, and new-school hip-hop blended with an eclectic mix of disciplines, including breaking, popping, locking, tap, hip-hop, and house dancing. The group has toured to critical acclaim nationally and internationally, and is committed to delivering positive messages to all audiences. Illstyle & Peace Productions was a 2013 US Culture Ambassador, chosen by the State Department and BAM, and toured Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

Artistic director Brandon "Peace" Albright is well-versed in various styles of hip-hop dance. His most recent work for Illstyle, IMpossible IZZpossible, which entails locking, popping, breaking, beatboxing, hip-hop, tap, modern jazz, African dance, belly dance, singing, and DJing, was presented at BAM has been touring nationally and internationally to critical acclaim. Albright also leads high-energy workshops, master classes, and educational programs, including Become Your Dreams, a history of hip-hop; Hip-Hop Math, a math lecture-demonstration program; and NO-Bullying STOP-Bullying, And Let's Be Friends :), an anti-bullying show. He is especially passionate about the universality of hip-hop and continues to seek inspiration from other dance forms and arts. His latest project for Illstyle is called We Dance II Inspire.

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