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Iconic BAM Artists

Trisha Brown

Trisha Brown is considered the most widely acclaimed choreographer to emerge from the postmodern era. Brown began showing her work with the Judson Dance Theater in the 1960s and pushed the limits of what could be considered appropriate movement for choreography. Soon, no setting was exempt as a stage—including rooftops, the sides of buildings, and interior walls; collaborators have included Robert Rauschenberg, John Cage, and Laurie Anderson. She founded the Trisha Brown Dance Company in 1970 and has flourished by exploring ideas through the dance cycles she creates and by collaborating on large-scale theatrical productions and operas. Brown was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship, two John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships, and numerous awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and other organizations. Brown has a long affiliation with BAM that began in 1976 and includes presentations in 1981, 1983 (during the first Next Wave Festival), 1996 when BAM presented Trisha Brown at 25: Post Modern and Beyond, and in 1999 with the opera L'Orfeo.

Performance History
Trisha Brown at BAM
Intermedia '68
Apr 12, 1968
4321234; Locus; Sticks; Solo Olos; Pyramid
Jan 8—11, 1976
Line Up
March 10— 19, 1977
Glacial Decoy; Son of Gone Fishin’; Opal Loop
Oct 16—18, 1981
Accumulation With Talking Plus Watermotor, Line-Up, Set and Reset, Son of Gone Fishin'
Oct 20—23, 1983
Trisha Brown at 25: Post Modern and Beyond
Oct 1—6, 1996
L' Orfeo
Jun 10—13, 1999
White Oak Dance Project
Jun 7—11, 2000
Jun 5—9, 2001
Planes, O zlozony / O composite; Glacial Decoy; L’Amour au theater
Apr 30—May 2, 2009
Newark (Niweweorce); Les Yeux et l'âme; I’m going to toss my arms—if you catch them they’re yours; Homemade; Set and Reset
Jan 30—Feb 2, 2013
Set and Reset; PRESENT TENSE; Newark (Niweweorce)
Jan 28—Jan 30, 2016
Trisha Brown at BAM
Brown and BAM
Since founding the Trisha Brown Dance Company in 1970, Brown has collaborated with some of the most forward thinking artists of the last 40 years, including Donald Judd, Yvonne Rainer, and Terry Winters.

Trisha Brown Dance Company
The official website of the Trisha Brown Dance Company
Trisha Brown Dance Company

Choreographer Trisha Brown returns to BAM with a program featuring two New York premieres.

Jan 30—Feb 2, 2013
Trisha Brown Dance Company

The beloved company returns to BAM with the iconic work Set and Reset, and others.

Jan 28—Jan 30, 2016