BAM Cultural District

The BAM Cultural District is the area roughly bound by Flatbush Avenue, Fulton Street, South Oxford Street, and Hanson Place, serving as the home to more than 40 vibrant Brooklyn-based arts groups working in all disciplines, from dance to music to the visual arts and more. The district is regarded as a national model for how cultural institutions and organizations of different sizes can contribute to the ongoing vibrancy of a community.

In addition to being a destination for contemporary arts and culture, the plan for the BAM Cultural District includes dynamic commercial and residential activity, with innovative architecture linked by a series of distinctive, public open spaces. Amenities, including restaurants, cafes, retail, and parking, will make the neighborhood a thriving urban and cultural center.

The BAM Cultural District will also include the conversion of underutilized city-owned properties into affordable performance and rehearsal spaces for a diverse array of visual, performing, and media nonprofit arts groups.

The first phase of the BAM Cultural District's development involved the renovation of the 80 Arts-James E. Davis Arts Building, which was completed in Summer 2004, becoming the district's first completed project. The 30,000-square-foot building is home to 12 diverse nonprofit arts groups, all benefiting from below-market rent and shared amenities. The second phase of the master plan includes a number of  new venues for arts organizations, including the BAM Fisher, Theatre for a New Audience, BRIC Arts, and UrbanGlass. Future phases of development include residential and commercial development, public open space, a cohesive streetscape, and outdoor programming.

Visit the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership for more information.