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Calligraphy Workshops

Apr 1—Jun 1, 2013
Part of Education

Art of the Islamic Pen

This slide presentation and demonstration of Islamic calligraphy offers an overview of the medium’s visual elements, historical significance, and technical aspects, as well as its cultural place, practice, and appeal in modern Islamic cultures.

Supplemental Calligraphy Workshops    

Workshops are available for additional class periods following the presentation. A series of workshops per class may be added over several weeks. Students are given the chance to use an authentic bamboo calligraphy pen to create simple letters and designs.

Slide presentation and workshops are taught by Elinor Aishah Holland, one of the few Americans to study calligraphy in the traditional method.


Appropriate for: Grades 8—12
Venue: In-school
Run Time: 1hr
Fee: $50 (max of 200 students)