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School-time Performance: Salt of the Earth

Grades 9—12
US Premiere
Thu, Oct 30, 2014
  • 11AM
Ticket price includes pre-show workshop with a BAM teaching artist, online study guide, post-show discussion and Q&A. 
October 2014
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Thursday October 30, 2014
Performances no longer available.

PuppetCinema/HaZira Performance Art Arena, Zvi Sahar

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Social Studies (political conflict, freedom of speech), ELA (literature, journalism), Theater

Students are drawn into a miniature universe of political strife—created using puppetry, handmade sets, and meticulously choreographed live video—in this work by artist Zvi Sahar.

Inspired by the influential Israeli novel The Road to Ein Harod, by Amos Kenan—which tells the story of one man’s flight from his country’s latest military coup—Sahar and his company PuppetCinema offer a nuanced, imaginative, and impactful vision of the cycle of war. Plastic tanks barrel down paper streets, a faceless puppet becomes a hero, and a thousand pounds of salt are transformed into a Middle Eastern desert as one man fights for freedom.

Dramaturgy by Oded Littman
Design & Cinematography by Aya Zaiger
Music by Gai Sherf & Rona Kenan
Lighting design by Adi Shimrony


This event is currently sold out, but don’t despair.

Additional seats regularly become available (due to cancellations) and will be offered to schools on the waitlist on a first come, first-served basis up until two weeks before the show.

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Study Guide
Salt of the Earth

We hope this study guide will enrich a study of Salt of the Earth.

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Did you know BAM gives away up to $90,000 annually in scholarships? 
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