School-time Performance: Basetrack Live

Grades 9—12
NY Premiere
Thu, Nov 13, 2014
  • 11AM
RUN TIME: 1hr 20min + 20min Q&A
+  Production contains coarse language and descriptions of combat situations and injuries.
Ticket price includes pre-show workshop with a BAM teaching artist, online study guide, post-show discussion and Q&A. 
November 2014
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Thursday November 13, 2014
Performances no longer available.

En Garde Arts
Created by Edward Bilous

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Social Studies (contemporary politics, modern warfare, veteran affairs), Communication and Media Studies, Theater, ELA (journalism)

In 2010, while embedded with the First Battalion, Eighth Marines in southern Afghanistan, a group of photojournalists started a revolutionary online project called Basetrack. Connecting battalion members with their families and others around the globe, the web platform became an indispensable tool of citizen journalism, documenting a range of perspectives on the emotional tolls of war.

Educators and students alike are afforded a unique look at America’s longest war in this multimedia work—a rare blend of photojournalism and theater that tells Marines’ personal stories through stunning images and video footage from the Basetrack archives.

Study Guide

We hope this study guide will enrich a study of BASETRACK Live.

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Did you know BAM gives away up to $90,000 annually in scholarships? 
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