Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Required
We are thrilled to be welcoming you back to in-person events at BAM! Our utmost priority is the health and safety of our staff, artists, and audiences.

As of August 16, BAM requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination for all visitors and staff. We are continually adapting our policies in adherence with the most up-to-date health and safety protocols.
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The Tallest Tree in the Forest

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Moment Work
Moment Work is Tectonic Theater Project’s method for creating theater. Moment Work encourages participants to actively engage with the elements of the stage (lights, sound, costumes, movement, architecture, props, etc.), allowing anyone—whether they are a writer, actor, designer, director, or brand new to theatre—to build an exciting theatrical story. Through Moment Work, you first identify the physical world of the play and then write or find the text that the different moments inspire.

Moisés Kaufman and Daniel Beaty used Moment Work to help differentiate the 40 plus characters that Daniel plays during the show.

Multiple Character Performances
Daniel portrays more than 40 characters during the play, covering many nationalities, races, genders and ages.

Daniel is a trained actor and uses that skill to embody many characters (some major historical figures) through unique interpretations incorporating vocal techniques and gestural/ behavioral vocabularies.

The play spans many decades in the 20th century, and makes use of archival materials (photos, articles, video) from some of the events that are highlighted. By sharing some of this imagery with the audience, the play is able to immediately reference another time in our country’s history.

The song selection in the play recalls standards from Robeson’s career as well as popular songs of the day to contextualize and place the events being discussed. The songs immediately reflect the action of the play, simultaneously giving the audience new insights into the characters and events. The fact that these songs are performed by live musicians adds an energy and authenticity to the play that taped music could not replicate.