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School-Time Screening: Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later

Grades 7—12
Jan 20—Jan 21, 2016
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RUN TIME: 71min
January 2016
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Wednesday January 20, 2016
Performances no longer available.
Directed by Brent Renaud and Craig Renaud

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: History (US history, civil rights, government), Social Studies (economic inequality, political conflict, youth issues, law enforcement), ELA (journalism)

This complex documentary looks at Central High School—the site of the integration of the Little Rock Nine in 1957—then and now. Widely known as the starting place of the desegregation movement that would go on to sweep the American South, Little Rock Central today is largely still separated by race, with wealthier white students and poorer black students essentially occupying two different schools. Students grapple with issues still facing the American education system today and consider how much work of the Civil Rights era still remains undone.

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Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later
Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later
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