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Study Guide | Theater



Will Cinderella get to go to the ball? Will Prince Albert find the mysterious princess who left her golden slipper behind? Will the story end happily ever after? With wit and charm, solo performer Shona Reppe recreates the beloved fairy tale Cinderella. Set on an inventive tabletop stage, this production uses traditional and contemporary puppetry, secret hatches, hidden doors, and a handbag full of magic to tell Cinderella’s story. Reppe's Cinderella engages the heart, mind, and imagination, giving the audience an opportunity to reimagine a classic tale and participate in a dynamic theatrical event.


About the Artist

Shona Reppe studied Theater and Art History at Glasgow University (graduating in 1991) followed by post-graduate studies in scenic design at the Welsh College of Drama in Cardiff (1992). In 1994 she attended the London School of Puppetry Summer School. She established Shona Reppe Puppets in 1996. She lives in Fife, Scotland, is married with 2 children, and is dedicated to creating small-scale theater for children and their families.



As the show begins, a storyteller dressed in black is busy dusting: the table, the lamp, the doors, even the audience! All of a sudden she finds a note that says: “Help.” More notes appear, all with the same message: HELP! Who needs help? And how can we help?

The storyteller opens a drawer in the table and takes out a number of tiny objects: a feather duster, a dusting rag, a broom, a bone, and a pile of sticks. What could these be for, and why are they so tiny?

Before we have time to think too much, out comes Cinderella, the tiny owner of the tiny objects. She gets to work cleaning and taking care of her chores around the house. As she is cleaning the radio antenna and listening to the radio, she hears exciting news. Prince Albert is giving a ball! But you must have an invitation to attend. Will Cinderella receive an invitation?

Cinderella returns to her room and her two stepsisters make a dramatic entrance. They primp and try to make themselves look and smell fabulous. They also check to see how well Cinderella has cleaned the house. When they find a dirty spot, they punish Cinderella for her mistake. Poor, Cinderella!

The doorbell rings and a golden envelope is delivered. The envelope contains three invitations to Prince Albert’s ball. There is one for each of the stepsisters … and one for Cinderella! But the mean stepsisters hide Cinderella’s invitation, and head out to shop for dresses to wear. How will Cinderella know she’s been invited to the ball?

Cinderella finds the empty golden envelope and is sure there must be an invitation for her. With determination, she looks everywhere until she finally finds it hidden in the lampshade. But what could she possibly wear to such a fancy party? She decides to try on some of her Stepsister’s fancy clothes.

The stepsisters return from shopping and find Cinderella in their room trying on their clothes. They are not happy. They bully Cinderella by dunking her head in the bucket of cleaning water and then rip her invitation into pieces. They get dressed in their new outfits for the ball and are off. Now what about Cinderella?

Cinderella finds the ripped pieces of the invitation and cries. She writes a note asking for help. The lights go out, and when they come up, the Fairy Godmother arrives on the scene to help make sure that Cinderella gets to the ball. With the help of a magical handbag, Cinderella has everything she needs to dazzle the Prince, so off she goes.

Before the clock chimes midnight, Cinderella is back home, safe and sound. In her dreams she relives her magical night at the ball dancing with the prince.

Prince Albert is on a search to find the beautiful princess he danced with, the princess who left one golden slipper behind. The stepsisters do everything they can to try and fit their feet into the shoe, but have no luck. The shoe will only fit its true owner. Can you guess who that might be?

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