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School Time Events: 6—8

Part of Education

Tackling diverse, challenging themes and topics, our live performances and films spark lively debate and encourage critical thinking, helping to prepare students for the intellectual rigors of college and career.

Physical Theater
Do Not Disturb

Four factory workers struggle to assemble a gigantic wheel in this creative evocation of play through work.

Feb 7—Feb 10, 2017
Visual Art
School-Time Performance: TEKNOPOLIS 2017

Algorithms ignite and formulas are felt in BAM’s first-ever tech takeover.

Feb 27—Mar 10, 2017
School-Time Performance: The Peter Pan Experience

Dutch children’s theater company Het Laagland flies high with the king of make-believe.

Mar 21—Mar 24, 2017
School-Time Performance: DanceAfrica 2017

Transform your students’ understanding of rhythm, music, and dance at this yearly tradition.

May 24—May 25, 2017