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School-Time Performance: KNOCK!

Special Needs Class
Apr 24—Apr 27, 2018
Performance dates & times
RUN TIME: 45min
+  Includes pre-show workshop and post-show activity
Limited Ticket Availability

Single Tickets
Tue Sep 05
All educators
April 2018
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Tuesday April 24, 2018

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Theater, Making Music: from The Blueprint

A four-person ensemble from the South African Magnet Theatre explore the natural material of wood—asking what it can do and what we can do with it. Strange animals and stories magically come to life through the live animation of forest wood shapes. With original songs and limitless acoustic possibilities, KNOCK! is an interactive theater experience for young audiences, who are invited to sing along with performers as they investigate the creative potential of a common substance.

Includes pre-show workshop and post-show activity


To better support the needs and enjoyment of neural atypical audience members, school-time performances of KNOCK! will be relaxed performances. Modifications will include elimination of blackouts and sudden theatrical cues; maintaining moderate house lighting through the performance; lowering the overall volume of sound elements; allowing for audience vocalization and movement; and allowing for patron exits and entrances whenever needed. For more information on Relaxed Performances, please visit Include Arts.


The Tue, Apr 24 performance of KNOCK! is currently sold out, but don’t despair.

Additional seats regularly become available (due to cancellations) and will be offered to schools on the waitlist on a first come, first-served basis up until two weeks before the show.

To join the waitlist please click here.

Major support for school-time performances provided by the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation and the David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation.

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