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Virtual Programming

Part of Education

BAM Education’s virtual programs provide greater access to world-class art, making it easier than ever for teachers to give students blended learning experiences that further contextualize topics studied in the classroom.

Combining high-definition video excerpts of BAM performances with activities led in real time by a BAM teaching artist, these workshops spark dialogue and enrich comprehension of socio-political and artistic movements. Young minds become open to a new kind of creative engagement with academic material.

Exploring South African Apartheid Through Theater

A South African psychologist interviews the apartheid regime’s most notorious figure.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018
Liberty and Justice for All: Sancho Ignatius & the Right to Vote

British actor Paterson Joseph tells the remarkable story of Charles “Sancho” Ignatius.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018
Word. Sound. Power: Poetry and Identity

Students discover the power of the spoken word in this dynamic poetry workshop.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018
Senegalese Dancer
Senegalese Dance and Music

Students become immersed in the culture of Senegal in this virtual dance workshop.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018
Poetry As Resistance
Word. Sound. Power: Poetry as Resistance

Students harness the power of spoken word to challenge societal pressures.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018
Poetry As Protest
Word. Sound. Power: Poetry as Protest and Empowerment

Students use spoken word as a way to call out political injustice and rally for change.

Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018