Shakespeare Teaches Students

Schools Only
Grades 4—12
Oct 2, 2017—May 10, 2018

Shakespeare’s language is brought to dazzling life through interactive games and discussion.

Part of Education

This program introduces students, from elementary school through high school, to the joys of Shakespeare. Through a rehearsal room approach, led by our experienced teaching artists, Shakespeare Teaches Students engages participants to learn on their feet, speak the text aloud, unlock its meaning, and relate the themes to their own lives, making the words of the Bard both accessible and enjoyable. Students explore character, scene work, and theater exercises with a focus on ensemble building. The program culminates with a peer-to-peer share at BAM.

Shakespeare Teaches Students comprises 14 workshops, each 45 minutes long, including the final share performed at BAM.

Applications accepted on a first come, first served basis. No applications accepted after Jan 8.

Teachers are encouraged to enroll in Shakespeare Teaches Teachers, but it is not mandatory. When applicable, students are invited to attend a Shakespeare performance at BAM.

Contact 718.724.8129 for pricing and more information.


“I have collaborated with BAM in my classroom for the last two years and really want to bring this program to my new school. I have really seen my students flourish with this program, gaining confidence and pride in their work and quoting Shakespeare all the time! Some of my students have come back from high school so happy that they were so confident reading Shakespeare in class and discussing his work.”

Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi, Teacher