Word. Sound. Power: Poetry as Resistance

Grades K—12
Oct 1, 2017—Jun 1, 2018


RUN TIME: 55min
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Alyssa “Lady Logic” Saunders

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: ELA (poetry), Public Speaking (rhetoric), Theater 

This virtual workshop shows students how to harness the power of spoken word poetry to challenge societal pressures around body image, socio-economic status, and race. Participants listen to a recorded performance of “Ritually rUINED,” by 19-year-old Brooklyn-based poet and emcee Alyssa “Lady Logic” Saunders. After reflecting on the poem, they are then invited to free-write, using some of the vocabulary from the poem, and eventually create their own work of resistance addressing an issue in their community that requires positive change.

Each workshop includes a high-definition recorded selection of a BAM mainstage production, an online study guide resource that includes preparatory information and activities for teachers and students, and an engaging virtual workshop facilitated live by a BAM Teaching Artist streamed directly to your classroom.

Leadership support for virtual programming provided by the Altman Foundation.


Leadership support for Brooklyn Reads provided by The Emily Davie & Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation.


Major support for the Black Male Achievement Project provided by the Pierre and Tana Matisse Foundation and the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust.

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Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Every student who attends even one BAM Education film or performance qualifies for a Scripps Scholarship. If any of your students are interested in majoring in the arts, encourage them to apply. The application deadline is Feb 26, 2018.
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Study Guide | Literary
Word. Sound. Power. 2017
Word. Sound. Power. 2017
This online guide has been created to provide you with a wealth of background information to help you more deeply engage your students in what they will experience at BAM.
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