Word. Sound. Power: Poetry and Identity

Grades 9—12
Oct 1, 2018—Jun 21, 2019


RUN TIME: 55min
PRICE: $200
October 2018
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Monday October 01, 2018
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Flaco Navaja, Jennifer Cendaña Armas

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: ELA (poetry), Public Speaking (rhetoric), Theater

Students discover the power of the spoken word in this dynamic poetry workshop, featuring performances by artists Flaco Navaja and Jennifer Cendaña Armas from BAM's production of Poetry 2016: Past is Present. Working with a BAM teaching artist, participants reflect on the poems and learn various devices they can use in their own writing. They then generate a poem on their own and another in collaboration with a fellow student.

Each workshop includes a high-definition recorded selection of a BAM mainstage production, an online study guide resource that includes preparatory information and activities for teachers and students, and an engaging virtual workshop facilitated live by a BAM Teaching Artist streamed directly to your classroom.

Leadership support for virtual programming provided by the Altman Foundation.


Leadership support for literacy programs provided by The Emily Davie & Joseph S. Kornfeld Foundation.

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Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Every student who attends even one BAM Education performance qualifies for a Scripps Scholarship. If any of your students are interested in majoring in the arts, encourage them to apply. The application deadline is Feb 26, 2019.
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Study Guide | Literary
Poetry 2016
Poetry 2016
This online guide has been created to provide you with a wealth of background information to help you more deeply engage your students in what they will experience at BAM.
When you purchase one virtual program, you receive a 50% discount on a second program.