Visual Art

School-Time Performances: Teknopolis 2020

Grades 3—12
Feb 25—Mar 6, 2020

Multiple spaces throughout the BAM Fisher

RUN TIME: 90min
February 2020
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Tuesday February 25, 2020
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Curated by BAM Education

CURRICULUM CONNECTIONS: Art (performance art, installation), Computer Science (programming, design)

Math, computer science, and art come to life in the interactive world of Teknopolis! Immersive installations let students learn through hands-on experimentation with creative technology—including motion responsive technology, creative coding, augmented reality, and more.

Sessions are uniquely customized for each grade level, with an interactive tour of this one-of-a-kind digital expo that features works by artists from around the globe.

Limited field trip slots are available. Reserve a place for your class today!

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Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Did you know BAM gives away up to $80,000 annually in scholarships?  
Every student who attends even one BAM Education performance qualifies for a Scripps Scholarship. If any of your students are interested in majoring in the arts, encourage them to apply. The application deadline is Feb 26, 2019.
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Poetry As Protest
Grades K—12
Virtual Programs
Sep 5, 2019—Jun 26, 2020
Virtual Programs
Sep 5, 2019—Jun 26, 2020

Part of Education

Can’t make it to BAM? No problem! Virtual programs are an easy, accessible way to bring the BAM Education experience into your classroom.

Each session features a high-definition video excerpt of a BAM performance, specifically chosen for its academic connections. Students deepen their understanding of the work and embrace their creativity through an interactive workshop led by a BAM teaching artist—streamed live into your classroom. Virtual programs also include pre- and post-show activities provided in an online study guide.

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Experience Rwanda: Rwandan Dance and Music
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Word. Sound. Power: Poetry and Identity
Grades 9—12

Word. Sound. Power: Poetry as Resistance
Grades 9—12

Word. Sound. Power: Poetry as Protest and Empowerment
Grades 9—12