Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellowship


The 2019 application deadline is Feb 24, 2019


Part of DanceAfrica

BAM is proud to announce its annual fellowship in honor of DanceAfrica founding elder Baba Chuck Davis. This unique opportunity is open to emerging choreographers, offering them a chance to travel to Africa and study with one or more experts in African dance, in accordance with the awardee’s project proposal. The fellowship offers up to $9,000 in funding for travel, accommodations, instruction, and research expenses.

Applicants must be US Citizens or Permanent Residents and are required to submit an artistic resume, a letter of intent specifying the proposed area of research and country, and a detailed proposal, including key artistic personnel and organizations in the region of travel, a timeline of activities, and budget.

The Fellowship selection committee will be comprised of various members of DanceAfrica and BAM’s artistic teams as well as leaders in the field of dance. Applicants will be notified in May and the Fellowship recipient will be recognized at BAM’s annual DanceAfrica Festival.

The proposed project should take place within the period of June 1, 2019—May 31, 2020. Awardees are expected to document all aspects of the project, including travel and artistic progress, and share the fruits of their work (in the form of a performance, workshop, or other mode of expression to be determined) with the BAM community upon return.

Note: BAM cannot grant this Fellowship for travel/work in a country on the U.S. Department of State’s Warning/Alert list: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html

The Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellowship is supported by The SHS Foundation.

Interested in applying? 

For detailed information on requirements and qualifications, download this document.