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Shortstack! Family Films

Sat, Nov 10, 2012
  • 10AM
  • 12PM
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 (Students 29 and under with a valid ID, Mon—Thu)
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Saturday November 10, 2012
Performances no longer available.

Whimsical, unique, funny, and charming, this collection of short films will delight and entrance both young and old. Talking hot dogs, robots, and a boy with a thing for cupcakes are just some of the zany characters you’ll meet. Featuring Paul Andrejco’sMother Hubbard Among Others, Philip Hodges’ Dig, new works from Sesame Street, Henson Alternative, and more!

Mother Hubbard Among Others (2011)
Directed by Paul Andrejco
RUN TIME: 6:55
New York premiere!
Poor Old Mother Hubbard has no food, no money, and no clue what to do with her eccentric little dog Toby, who eventually takes matters into his own paws.

Colosse (2012)
Directed by Yves Geleyn
RUN TIME: 2:38
New York premiere!
Colosse isn't ordinary by any means; he just so happens to be a very tall wooden robot puppet who doesn’t know his own strength, much less what his strings are up to.

Hot Dog TV—ARRR!  (2011)
The Jim Henson Company
RUN TIME: 1:02
A pirate crew's prisoner convinces the group to jump ship.

Change the World (2011)
Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 1:37
A girl sings an inspirational song to empower children that they can be anything they want to be.

Robot Adventures on Planet Earth (2010)
Directed by Curtis L. Wiebe
New York premiere!
RUN TIME: 1:24
Space Robot and his robot friend Lif-Tor attempt to figure out the complexities of a popular human pastime.

Twinkle (2012)
Directed by Kori Pop
US premiere!
RUN TIME: 2:54
A paper-puppet music video created for a special Little Bean.

Cupcake (2011)
Directed by Spencer Lott
RUN TIME: 2:59
A boy must sneak around to get a yummy cupcake!

Hot Dog TV - Fiendish Footlong (2011)
The Jim Henson Company
RUN TIME: 1:10
An explorer tries to capture the fabled Fiendish Footlong Hot Dog and is chased around the world—but to what end?

Spider Monster, The Musical (2011)
Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 3:37
Grover's spoof of Broadway'sSpider-Man: Turn Off the Darkis a little more up close and personal than Mr. Johnson bargained for.

Dig (2012)
Directed by Philip Hodges
RUN TIME: 10:00
New York premiere!
A boy digs a tunnel toChinato be with his lost love.

Knit Picky (2011)
Directed by Andrew Fields
RUN TIME: 1:33
New York premiere!
One sock's journey for love.

Unstrung (2010)
Directed by Meerkat Media Collective
RUN TIME: 5:28
What happens when the lights go down at the Puppet Kitchen?

Elmo's Got the Moves (2011)
Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 1:07
Elmo invites you to get up and dance!

Carmen (2008)
Directed by Leat Klingman
RUN TIME: 4:53
This personal and unique puppet film, based on the opera by Bizet, explores love, its wonders, and its heartbreaks with a touch of innocence.

Milano—Lolly Lardpop (2012)
Directed by Bradley Kemp
RUN TIME: 3:22
Five-year-old Lolly Lardpop enters a cookie-induced dream about Milano, Italy.

Mister Rogers: Am I a Mistake? (1987)
Directed by Paul Lally
RUN TIME: 4:56
Daniel Striped Tiger confides to his friend Lady Aberlin that he sometimes wonders if he’s a mistake. To calm his fears and doubts, Lady Aberlin answers him in song.

Batty Bat (1985)
Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 3:04
The Count does a dance he learned as a boy.

This Frog (1977)
Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 3:29
Everyone’s favorite frog sings about self-confidence. 

Shortstack! Family Films
Mother Hubbard Among Others (Dir. Paul Andrejco)
Colosse (Dir. Yves Geleyn)
Hot Dog TV-ARRR! (The Jim Henson Company)
Robot Adventures on Planet Earth (Dir. Curtis L. Wiebe)
Twinkle (Dir. Kori Pop)
Cupcake (Dir. Spencer Lott)
SpiderMonster, The Musical (Sesame Workshop)
Knit Picky (Dir. Andrew Fields)
This Frog (Sesame Workshop)
Mister Rogers: Am I a Mistake? (Dir. Paul Lally)