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Animation Extravaganza

Ages 7—9
Feb 2—Feb 3, 2013
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RUN TIME: 69min
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2013
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Saturday February 02, 2013
Performances no longer available.

Open this package of whimsical and beautiful scores and you’ll find something special for everyone! Sing with a rock star at the zoo, help baby turtles reach the sea and fly the night skies with a dapper moth searching for his true love. Animation Extravaganza features shorts from seven countries.

At the Opera
Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella
Argentina, 2010, 1min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
A stirring night at the opera starts with the sniffles and ends with a belly laugh. 

Orange Ô Despair
Dir. John Banana
France, 2011, 4min
No dialogue.
A little orange thinks that joining a bunch of fun-loving pineapples will allow him to have all the fun he wants. 

Tom and the Queen Bee
Dir. Andreas Hykade
Germany, 2011, 5min
Loyal Tom goes on an outdoor odyssey to make sure he has a special jam to go with his toast and tea.

Dir: Ulrike Schulz & Nikolai Neumetzler
Germany, 2010, 7min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
Two brilliant 19th-century scientists invent a machine that can bring books to life. 

Wylde Life
Dirs. Stephen Levinson, Joel Moss Levinson & David B. Levy
US 2012, 6min
World premiere.
Zach Wylde is a typical nine year old whose chores at his mom’s zoo include cleaning cages, feeding animals, and teaching monkeys to jitterbug. But when his favorite rock star pays a visit to the zoo, Zach’s priorities shift back to his fantasy of being a musician.

A Sea Turtle Story
Dir. Kathy Shultz
Canada, 2012, 9min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
This exquisitely animated short film chronicles the life of baby sea turtles from hatching to their dramatic trek to the welcoming ocean. 

The Poor Man and the Dog
Dir. Maria Horvath
Hungary, 2010, 8min
 In Hungarian with English subtitles.
A poor man sets a comedy of errors in motion when his wife sends him to trade lard for money to feed their family and he starts talking to a dog. Will he find a fortune or learn a lesson from his clever wife?

After Hours
Dir. Marshall Fels Elliott
US, 2011, 5min
No dialogue.
An exhausted animator gets an unexpected visit from one of his own creations. Little does he know that the creature chasing him is a cute pink elephant who just wants to be reunited with his true love. 

The Big Swing
Dir. Paula Gillgannon 
Canada, 2011, 2min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
A young girl tries her hardest to overcome her fear of the swing and ends up, quite literally, out of this world. 

Dir. Homero Ramirez Tena
Mexico, 2011, 9min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
Eskimal and the walrus Morsa are friends who live by the Great Glacier in the Arctic. When they find their precious environment threatened by pollution, they work together to preserve it. 

Dir. Donna Brockopp
Canada, 2011, 7min
No dialogue.
A caterpillar inside a streetlight falls in love when he receives an unexpected visit from a Luna moth. 

Dir. Felix Gonnert
Germany, 2010, 6min
No dialogue.
A mischievous boy makes off with a toy rocket and discovers that he can stop time. 

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