Experimental, Graphic Design, and Music Videos

Sat, Jul 27, 2013
  • 2PM
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 (Students 29 and under with a valid ID, Mon—Thu)
July 2013
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Saturday July 27, 2013
Performances no longer available.
Animation Block Party presents this collection of some of the year’s best experimental animated shorts from all around the world:

Dawn of the Rainbow 1939/2011
Directed by Katie Goodwin
RUN TIME: 3:30
Prints amd paintings of found footage from the 35mm leader countdown to The Wizard of Oz.

Tumbleweed Tango
Directed by Andrew Boccio and Eugen Sasu
RUN TIME: 3:15
A balloon dog is lost in a world of danger.

The Heart
Directed by Marina Gagarina
RUN TIME: 3:30
The cats inside my bloodstream are up to something.

Directed by Carl Burton
RUN TIME: 6:05
A surreal exploration of an attic during a storm.

Never Be That Tough
Directed by Nancy Jean Tucker
RUN TIME: 3:20
You could lose everything and it would still be alright.

Breathing In
Directed by Jason A. Harrington
RUN TIME: 4:54
Mirrored in the birth of a child is the birth of the world. Mirrored in the rising sun is childhood.

Directed by Rami Kim
RUN TIME: 3:23
With the help of giant bunnies, a group of kids desperately search for the promised land.

Pedro dos Porcos/Peter of the Pigs
Directed by Michael Ribeiro
RUN TIME: 3:45
Peter watches the pigs. But who watches Peter?

Le Festin/The Feast
Directed by Daphné Loubot Landreville
RUN TIME: 2:50
A perfect day with a singers family. A traditional Stop-Motion with hand carved puppets.

The Rose of Turaida
Directed by Ryan Grobins
RUN TIME: 6:15
The tragedy of a beautiful woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honor.

A Tangled Tale
Directed by Corrie Francis Parks
RUN TIME: 5:30
In this unusual romance, hand-tinted sand becomes a metaphor for souls coming together.

Directed by Mark Borgions
RUN TIME: 3:38
A deeply moving celebration of love and togetherness.

Love Ball
Directed by Dana Sink
RUN TIME: 2:28
An analogy for a meeting of travelers on different paths and the affection that draws them.

Fingers Tail
Directed by Luca Schenato and Sinem Vardarli
RUN TIME: 4:07
The toes of a man are detached from his foot and make their way to the beauty parlor.

Cyclone Forever
Directed by Faiyaz Jafri
RUN TIME: 3:45
Travelling endlessly on the Cyclone roller coaster, enduring time and tide.

Ludic Chase
RUN TIME: 6:52
Gunnar toys with danger as he encounters the spirit Oyami.

Tap to Retry
Directed by Neta Cohen
RUN TIME: 4:26
Metaphors for the way we conduct ourselves in this hectic era of information overload.

Great Plastic Purge
Directed by Alberto Scirocco
RUN TIME: 2:02
A call for action on the devastating effects of plastic pollution in our oceans.

Black Light Dinner Party: We Are Golden
Directed by Jonathan Seligson
RUN TIME: 4:24
In the frozen wilderness, an adventurer and her companion Pum rush to aid the injured moon.