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I Wonder

Ages 2—5
12pm Sold Out
Sat, Feb 2, 2013
  • 10AM
  • 12PM
RUN TIME: 60min
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2013
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Saturday February 02, 2013
Performances no longer available.

Wondering is half the fun in our amazing world, especially when it’s brand new to you! And no one wonders more than a young child. Explore what keeps an elephant awake at night and how different shapes fit together. Then learn when the “big rigs” on a construction site get to sleep and how black sheep and white sheep first became friends. You’ll have a wonder-full time! I Wonder features 14 films from nine countries.

Elephant Can't Sleep
Dirs. Leona Frommelt & Renate Bleichenbach
In German with English subtitles. 
Germany, 2010, 2min
When bunny's friend the blue elephant can't sleep, he needs help from a special friend to make sure his dreams are sweet.

Chip & Dory
Dir. Song-chi Lo 
In Mandarin with English subtitles. New York premiere.
Taiwan, 2012, 3min
Adapted from a Taiwanese folktale, this charming short film tells the story of Chip, a black sheep, and Dory, a white sheep, as they meet for the first time during a meteor shower. 

Dir. Tony Dusko
US, 2010, 2min
New York premiere.
We all have our favorite toys, the ones we love to play with most. This delightful animated short shows us that sharing even our most valuable things can have its own rewards. 

Oh, Ladybug, It’s Upside Down
Dirs. Nanako Yasuda & Katsumi Ueda
Japan, 2012, 2min
In Japanese with English subtitles. US premiere.
Vibrant animation is set to a playfully absurd song about our topsy-turvy world. Watch for alarm clocks, lost keys, new shoes, and a dancing ladybug!

Miriam’s Green Spots
Dir. Priit Tender
Estonia, 2012, 5min
No dialogue. US premiere.
Miriam’s little brother gets sick with spots so he needs attention from Mom, Dad, and even the family’s pet chicken. With no way to help and no one to play with, Miriam decides to paint some spots on herself!

The Big Brother
Dirs. Jesus Perez & Elisabeth Hutterman
Switzerland/Germany, 2011, 6min
No dialogue.
When an animator’s work is interrupted, two of his characters play with the unfinished part of his sketch, creating all kinds of mischief. They’re in for a surprise when the third character is completed.

Violin Play
Dir. Tunde Vallenbroek
Netherlands, 2011, 2min
No dialogue. 
When her violin playing doesn’t sound perfect, a little girl gets some encouragement from a feline friend. 

Little Bear in the Rain
Dir. Koji Yamamura
Japan, 2010, 5min
In Japanese with English subtitles. New York premiere.
This sweet animated Japanese nursery song tells the simple story of an inquisitive woodland bear as he romps through the woods and discovers a stream. Bring an umbrella, as you’re sure to get wet! 

The Missing Meatball
Dir. Johan Hagelback
No dialogue.  New York premiere. 
Sweden, 2012, 5min
Little meatball loses sight of his parents at a concert, but gets some special help from the star of the show. No dialogue.

Sandpixies: Da Capo George
Dir. Ralf Kukula
Germany, 2012, 5min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
After swallowing some musical notes, the magical Sandpixies have fun turning into and playing different instruments.

Fitting In
Dir. Taylor Annisette
Canada, 2011, 3min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
A little purple octagon has trouble on her first day at school, which is filled with blue squares and red circles. She quickly learns that you can only feel comfortable with others when you’re truly being yourself. 

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Dirs. Sherri Dusksey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld
US, 2012, 9min
New York premiere.
Trucks, bulldozers, and other machines work hard at the construction site, but at day's end it's time to say "Good Night!" in this delightful send-off to the day. Based on the filmmakers’ book of the same name.

Design Ah! Circles and Rectangles
Dir. Masakazu Sato
Japan, 2011, 2min
In Japanese with English subtitles. New York premiere.
Have you ever wondered who designs the things around you, or what they were thinking when they made it? This jubilant Japanese short introduces children to the basic elements of design with lush original music.

Aston’s Presents
Dirs. Uzi Geffenblad & Lotta Geffenblad
Sweden, 2012, 9min
In Swedish with English subtitles. New York premiere.
While awaiting his birthday, Aston creates presents out of everything he sees. In the process, he realizes that sometimes the best presents aren’t the ones you can buy. 

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