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Film | Kids

Live Action Puppet Shorts

Ages 11+
Sun, Oct 27, 2013
  • 1:30PM
RUN TIME: 70min
FORMAT: Blu-ray
MEMBERS: $8 (Movie Moguls free)
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 (29 and under with a valid ID, Mon—Thu)
+  Q&A with select filmmakers
October 2013
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Sunday October 27, 2013
Performances no longer available.
Part of BAM Film series Puppets on Film

Witness the highest standards of craft and performance reflected in many different styles of puppetry, all on display in this innovative selection of puppet films. Featuring a wide array of characters—some charismatic and beautiful, others dark and moody—this program includes the New York premieres of Secret Hand's “Puppet Earth” and Wye Oak's “Fish” and the world premiere of Melissa Creighton's “I Do.” 

I Do (2013)

Directed by Jesse Garrison, produced by Melissa Creighton
RUN TIME: 3:38


A puppet rock video about taking your chances in the game of love.

Puppet Earth, Episode 1, First Hunt (2013)

Directed by Secret Hand, puppetry and film collective
RUN TIME: 7:27 


A documentary about yet undiscovered and unknown life on Little Barrier Island.

UTU: Sailor's Wife (2013)

Directed by Ville Hakonen & Jussi Sandhu
RUN TIME: 4:10 


A story about a sailor who has lost his wife to the sea.

Very Short Portrait: John Elder (2013)

Directed by Bianca Giaever
RUN TIME: 2:15 


An older man describes the real joy of breakfast with his wife.

Fitzcardboardaldo (2013)

Directed by Robin Frohardt
RUN TIME: 3:38 


Fitzcardboardaldo is an all-cardboard tribute to the 1981 Werner Herzog film Fitzcarraldo.  

Wye Oak – Fish (2011)

Directed by Michael Patrick O'Leary & Katherine Fahey
RUN TIME: 4:41 


Beautiful shadow puppets tell the story of the song “Fish” by Wye Oak.

Klonox (2002)

Directed by Thomas Guerigen
RUN TIME: 5:00 


In a strange world, a tank army moves forward relentlessly…

Tufty (2009)

Directed by Jason Butler & Brendan Butler
RUN TIME: 9:14 


What if you knew where your teddy bear really came from?

Deluxe - Daniel (feat. Youthstar) (2013)

Directed by Alexandre Vignaud
RUN TIME: 4:25 


In a town of the Wild West, Bob Black comes to avenge his brother Billy, who has been killed by Daniel, the bounty hunter...

The Corrugation of Dreams (2013)

Directed by Robin Frohardt
RUN TIME: 4:05 


The Corrugation of Dreams is a tribute to the Les Blank film Burden of Dreams, on the making of Fitzcarraldo.

Sanko (2013)

Directed by Christopher Sturman and Graeme Maclean
RUN TIME: 4:04 


Puppets making puppets.

The Salty Sea (2013)

Directed by Audrey Harrer
RUN TIME: 3:35 


A music video presenting the gentle Americana sounds of Driftwood Fire in light and shadow.

Fish out of Water – Joyride (2010)

Directed by Ben Barnes
RUN TIME: 4:30 


Fish (a 2'11" fish in a sweater) comes toe-to-toe with the law and is forced to think on his feet.

Pop Art (2008)

Directed by Amanda Boyle
RUN TIME: 15:43 


A film about a friendship between two 12 year olds—Toby, who is trying to make sense of life, and Arthur, who just happens to be inflatable... Based on the short story of the same name by Joe Hill.

The Grumpy King - Belly Dancer (2012)

Directed for Cartoon Network by Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper
RUN TIME: 1:40 


The Grumpy King seems to enjoy his dancer. Has Jester finally got it right?

Imagine Dragons — Radioactive (2012)

Directed by Syndrome
RUN TIME: 4:21 


Puppets are put to brilliant use in the music video for this chart-topping hit.

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