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Maybe It's Magic

Ages 8—10
Feb 2—Feb 3, 2013
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RUN TIME: 83min
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2013
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Saturday February 02, 2013
Performances no longer available.

Look closely and you’ll notice magic in moments both simple and sublime. Explore dazzling ice caverns with Nokomi and hold your breath as a shy girl brings compassion to the playground (In a Heartbeat). You’ll celebrate Claudio’s creativity in Colored Pencils and control the mysteries of time at the Tick Tock Emporium. Maybe It’s Magic includes 10 films from nine countries.

Dir. Anne Kristin Berge
Norway/Poland, 2011, 4min
No dialogue.
The energetic child of a very meticulous painter leads him on a merry chase through a landscape of unabridged creativity. 

The Toboggan
Dir. Richard B. Pierre
Canada, 2010, 4min
New York premiere.
A boy uses a garbage bag as a toboggan in the winter, until a little girl offers to share her sled.

Sun Knapping
Dir. Martial Fontan, Guillaume Hoffmann, Boris Kaufmann & Deborah Yver
France, 2011, 7min
No dialogue. US premiere.
A little girl and her clever shadow set their sights on capturing the sun with whimsical and fantastic results. 

Play Lunch
Dir. Cassandra Nguyen
Australia, 2011, 10min
New York premiere.
Little Molly has to finish her enormous lunch before playing soccer with the other kids. It seems hopeless until she gets some help from a friend with a big appetite. 

Dir. Juan Pablo Zaramella
Argentina, 2011, 6min
No dialogue.
Caught in a repetitive job at a lightbulb factory, an imaginative man dreams of an illuminating escape. This mesmerizing and stylish film uses live actors and sets filmed in stop motion. 

In a Heartbeat
Dir. Karolina Lewicka
Iceland, 2010, 8min
No dialogue. New York premiere.
A quiet nine year old girl takes a surprising and brave stand when she sees a classmate in danger of being bullied by two older boys. 

Dirs. Caroline Collinot, Aurelie Deconinck, Guillaume Ferrachat & Remi Prouzat
France, 2012, 8min
In French with English subtitles. US premiere.
When lonely little Nokomi explores the arctic caves near her home, she finds something truly amazing.

Colored Pencils
Dir. Alice Gomes
Brazil, 2010, 16min
In Portuguese with English subtitles.
Young Claudio is a gifted artist but when he spends his mom’s money on three magic pencils, she only lets him use one color at a time. Can he complete his artwork and draw his father back into his life with such a limited palette?

Eyes on the Stars
Dirs. Tim Rauch & Mike Rauch
US, 2012, 3min
Carl McNair reminisces in this StoryCorps selection about his brother Ronald, an African-American kid in the 1950s, who set his sights on the stars and then reached them.

Tick Tock Time Emporium
Dir. Morgan Faust
USA 2011, 17min
When Max finds a strange store at the end of a train tunnel, she tries out the shop’s magical wares in order to get her busy mom to spend more time with her.

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