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Film | Kids

Shortstack! Kids Shorts Program

Ages 3+
Sat, Oct 26, 2013
  • 11AM
RUN TIME: 70min
FORMAT: Digital
October 2013
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Saturday October 26, 2013
Performances no longer available.
Co-presented by the Jim Henson Foundation

Following last year’s sold-out Puppets on Film weekend, this year’s lineup features a bevy of ingenious shorts for kids young and old. Characters of all shapes and sizes will bring families on journeys possible only through the magic of puppetry. Whimsical, unique and beautiful, this collection of shorts is for audiences of all ages.

Sesame Street Alphabet (2013)
Directed by Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 2:37 

Sing the ABC's with your favorite Sesame Street friends.

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse (2013)
Directed by Smarmy Kunst Productions
RUN TIME: 8:12 

A puppet animation of one of Aesop's best loved fables, “The Country Mouse and City Mouse,” set in modern day China.

Not Alone (2013)
Directed by Trish Sie
RUN TIME: 3:55 

A lonely sock searches far and wide for its mate.

The Spy Who Loved Cookies (2013)
Directed by Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 5:28 

Only the best secret agent could stop Lady Finger's evil plan. Unfortunately, he wasn't available. Can Cookie Monster stop Lady Finger before it’s too late?

The Grumpy King - Magic Wand (2012)
Directed for Cartoon Network by Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper
RUN TIME: 1:13 

Jester’s magic tricks get slightly out of hand.

Ego (2013)
Directed by Victoria Van Patten
RUN TIME: 3:54 

A little mouse herds the bodiless souls of forest life.

I Need a Word (2013)
Directed by Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 3:57 

Dave Matthews and Grover sing a song to figure out their feelings.

Crane and Tortoise (2013)
Directed by Matty Sidle
RUN TIME: 5:44 

A Chinese folk tale of a proud and beautiful crane who meets a very clever little turtle, teaching the lesson that patience and cleverness triumph over even the largest of bullies.

Genius Knows No Formula (2011)
Directed by Paul Andrejco
RUN TIME: 4:23 

Once again trouble brews in the town of Spudbottom.  While busy formulating his miracle elixir, the Doctor and his assistant Fritz receive and emergency house call...and hear opportunity knocking!

That's Cooperation (2013)
Directed by Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 2:15 

Even the proudest of the peacocks knows when to give an inch. Listen to Big Bird's wisdom and start cooperating today.

"Slip Away" - Kathryn Calder
Directed by Dean Tzenos
RUN TIME: 4:48 

This film tells the story of the quest of a small bunny trying to reunite with its mother by using a magical telescope. During the journey, the little bunnies band together with other creatures in search of their own lost relatives.

Planet Egg, Deviled Edition: Saved by the Mushrooms (2013)
Directed by: Zvi Sahar
RUN TIME: 9:29 

An epic interplanetary GRAND fantasy cinematic space ODYSSEY.... in miniature.

The Grumpy King - Dancing Bear (2012)

Directed for Cartoon Network by Jonny Sabbagh and Will Harper
RUN TIME: 1:40


Jester comes a-cropper when his bear won’t perform for the Grumpy King.

Elmo the Musical – President (2013)
Directed by: Sesame Workshop
RUN TIME: 11:04 

He's the youngest one ever, not even age four.  No one's ever seen a president like this before.

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