Student Films & Independent Animators

Sun, Jul 28, 2013
  • 4:30PM
STUDENTS/SENIORS:  $9 (Students 29 and under with a valid ID, Mon—Thu)
July 2013
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Sunday July 28, 2013
Performances no longer available.

Animation Block Party presents a collection of films by students and independent animators.

The Event
Directed by Julia Pott
RUN TIME: 3:19
Love and a severed foot, at the end of the world.

Backyard Jam
Directed by Randall Christopher
RUN TIME: 5:23
The boys have to figure out a way to get their skateboards back from the dog next door.

Directed by Kate Burck
RUN TIME: 4:08
A film about lemons, love, and leaving the house.

You, Me and The Ocean
Directed by Cecilia da Rocha
RUN TIME: 2:49
A boy kidnapped from his mother's womb by two spirits and rescued by the ocean.

Directed by Emily Hubley
RUN TIME: 5:25
An artist struggles to navigate between despair and epiphany, calling upon muses.

A Life with Asperger's
Directed by Jaime Ekkens
RUN TIME: 4:04
This animated doc explores the challenges of growing up and living with Asperger's Syndrome

Tule Lake
Directed by Michelle Ikemoto
RUN TIME: 6:25
A woman held at Tule Lake segregation camp leaves her barracks...

18 Minutes
Directed by Christopher Mennuto
RUN TIME: 2:55
A man's normal day happens to change in a matter of minutes. This is his story of 9/11.

Borrowed Light
Directed by Olivia Huynh
RUN TIME: 4:09
The last patron of an abandoned observatory tries to show the city something incredible.

Directed by Harriet-Lane Ngo
RUN TIME: 3:04
A little girl gets lost in the woods and awakens the sleeping tree-king.

Model Starship
Directed by Max Hattler
RUN TIME: 0:38
We have liftoff! Model Starship, a very brief encounter with another world.

Tooth Tale
Directed by Ron Fleischer
RUN TIME: 6:30
A plot to catch the tooth fairy is hatched.

Commando Chimp
Directed by Chris Nyarady
RUN TIME: 1:19
When you have missions too dangerous for everyone else, send in Commando Chimp.

Fatal Vittles
Directed by Devin Bell
RUN TIME: 3:42
A dark and whimsical alphabet piece about 26 things to never, ever eat.

Directed by Emily Buchanan, Esther Parobeck and Susan Yung
RUN TIME: 3:37
The unfortunate misunderstanding between Stanley and his lovable 1950s refrigerator.

Sumo Roll
Directed by Jay Kim
RUN TIME: 3:48
A sushi chef prepares for his day but is interrupted by an unexpected customer.

Medical Adventure Power
Directed by Josh Weisbrod
RUN TIME: 2:47
It's not just a story about the diagnosis of Crohn's disease—it's Medical Adventure Power!

Hooba Jooba
Directed by Max Swiecki
RUN TIME: 1:20
Hooba is in the dumps over his ex-girlfriend. It is up to Jooba, to help him get back on track.

Parks + Re-creation
Directed by Brent Sievers
RUN TIME: 3:30
One man's relentless mission to civilize nature reveals his own savagery.

Move Mountain
Directed by Kirsten Lepore
RUN TIME: 11:12
A girl is compelled to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself.