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Animation for Kids

Sat, Jul 26, 2014
  • 2PM
RUN TIME: 65min
MEMBERS: $9 (Movie Moguls free)
July 2014
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Saturday July 26, 2014
Performances no longer available.

A fresh collection of the year's best family-friendly animated shorts gathered from festivals and the major studios.

Mariachi Manatee

A Nickelodeon Exclusive
RUN TIME: 1:00


A young guitar playing Manatee hangs out with his trumpet playing friend, Poco the Crab.

Sunny and Steve: Enjoy the Sweets

Directed by Bill Dorais and Ty Coyle 
RUN TIME: 2:41


An office worker struggles with a seemingly innocent bunny on a quest for sweets.

I Like to Share

Directed by Jeremy Galante and David Cowles 
RUN TIME: 1:20 


Toys, bats, gloves, super awesome dance moves… all things that can be shared.

On Thin Ice

Directed by Norah Jones 
RUN TIME: 1:56 


Two elves bridge the generation gap to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Doctor Puppet: A Timelord Christmas

Directed by Alisa Stern  
RUN TIME: 1:58 


The Doctor joins his past selves for a stop motion Christmas celebration.

StoryBots—Love's Not Just a Word, Songs About Emotions

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:16 


An epic song about the feeling of love.

Dog Prom

Directed by Lauren Krieger 
RUN TIME: 4:19 


All Bernard wants to do is dance with a girl at prom…

Fly With Me

Directed by Joelle Tyea Enver 
RUN TIME: 2:28


A cute romp between a dinosaur, bumblebee, sea creature, and balloon.

Helium Harvey

Directed by David Savage 
RUN TIME: 2:42


A curious boy spots a balloon and has the idea to change his voice with helium.

Play With Food

Directed by Cuppa Coffee 
RUN TIME: 1:13


Here are some foods that start with the letter P.


Directed by Ty Coyle 
RUN TIME: 2:55


Baxter the raccoon makes his way into Granny's Sweet Shop.

StoryBots—You Gotta Love a Lion, Animal Songs

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:01 


As soon as you hear this wild, wacky song about the king of beasts, you've gotta love it!


Directed by Elizabeth Liu Xiujun and Evangeline Au Yan Yee 
RUN TIME: 4:02 


A marathon search for a bottle of milk.

Fight For Food

Directed by Preston Platt 
RUN TIME: 3:40 


The journey of two Robo dogs and their fight to get the food in the bowl.

StoryBots—Riding on a Train

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:07 


Get ready for a chugging, clickety-clacking ride on the StoryBot Express. Next stop Funville!


Directed by Danielle M. Heitmuller 
RUN TIME: 3:58 


Late one night, Molly is startled by the sound of an approaching ship.

The Goldfish Kite

Directed by Juliana Chen 
RUN TIME: 3:51


A boy mending his goldfish-shaped kite fixes it with a mysterious red string.

Storybots—The Sky is Blue / Colors

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:15 


If your colors are cool, you’ll dig this StoryBot tune about the sky.

The Moon and the Well

Directed by Kelly Kin 
RUN TIME: 0:46


A little man finds the moon stuck in a well and takes it upon himself to rescue it.

Cuatro Gatos

Directed by Eddie Mort 
RUN TIME: 1:11 


Let’s count. How many gatos (that’s cats) do you see playing in the band?


Directed by Alvaro Granados  
RUN TIME: 5:18 


A courageous shepherd and one of his sheep become entertainment pioneers.

Prize Inside

Directed by Reece Porter 
RUN TIME: 2:15


A cereal box toy and his reluctant companion travel across a dangerous kitchen.


Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:02 


The more you look around, the more circles you see.

Floating in my Mind

Directed by Hélène Leroux 
RUN TIME: 3:08 


A film about our life, the people we meet, and the memories we make.

Night Light

Directed by Patrick McQuade 
RUN TIME: 2:05


Guilty about leaving his son to go to work, a father finds a creative solution.