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Experimental, Graphic Design, and Music Videos

Fri, Jul 25, 2014
  • 2PM
RUN TIME: 70min
MEMBERS: $9 (Movie Moguls free)
July 2014
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Friday July 25, 2014
Performances no longer available.

A program of some of the year’s most outstanding experimental animated shorts from all around the world.

Street Justice

Directed by Ben Li 
RUN TIME: 1:00


Tanya and Dodger in the underworld.


Directed by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder
RUN TIME: 1:30 


A fantasy western begins.


Directed by Lizzi Akana
RUN TIME: 3:54


Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings take on a pack of rampaging wolves in a dance-off.


Directed by Sharron Mirsky
RUN TIME: 4:02


A documentary about the 2003 power failure in the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and Canada.

The Master's Voice: Caveirao

Directed by Guilherme Marcondes 
RUN TIME: 10:06 


The secret night activities of Sao Paulo's spirits.

Feed Your Creative Brain

Directed by leftchannel motion design studio
RUN TIME: 0:51


A visual concept grown from tentacles.

Strange Wonderful

Directed by Stephanie Swart
RUN TIME: 4:18


Little monster goes to school that day. She thinks, "They probably call me snail face when I'm not around." Sometimes she gets lonely, but she can be happy too.

A Void

Directed by Joseph Hodgson 
RUN TIME: 3:52


"As the spirit wains the form appears." —Charles Bukowski


Directed by Jess X. Chen 
RUN TIME: 1:39


A woman is born of a drop of blood that falls to Earth from space.

Deep Squeeze

Directed by Ingo Raschka 
RUN TIME: 1:29


A man in a tiny submarine avoids the gaze of a giant eyeball.

Eve Ensler—Then We Were Jumping

Directed by Jordan Bruner 
RUN TIME: 4:20 


A poem envisioning justice for all survivors of gender violence.

Tulipomania: Hold On

Directed by Cheryl Gelover and Tom Murray 
RUN TIME: 3:51


Paper type lyrics fused with collaged instruments soaring through musical beats.


Directed by Zachary Zezima 
RUN TIME: 3:21


An extrovert's dream and an introvert's nightmare.

Monkey and Mon Kaur

Directed by Suneet Sethi 
RUN TIME: 3:09 


Forbidden love and Narcissism between a Hasidic man and a Sikh girl.


Directed by Liesje Kraai 
RUN TIME: 1:10 


A little dog lost in space.

Only If I Knew

Directed by Nozomi Hoshikawa 
RUN TIME: 3:19 


The lover left without any explanation.

Unclear Proof

Directed by Max Hattler  
RUN TIME: 0:45


Sensational crystal-clear footage of shape-shifting UFOs.


Directed by Christina Skyles  
RUN TIME: 4:45


A shy artist is drawing when a former classmate hops on the subway.


Directed by Tamara Hahn 
RUN TIME: 4:40 


The failures of baby-robbing monsters leave them with no way to escape.

There are No Kittens in Paradise

Directed by Swantje Wenz  
RUN TIME: 2:13 


Two warriors perform a tribal dance in preparation for war.


Directed by Hannah Carr, Molly Garrett, and Emily Kenyon  
RUN TIME: 5:58 


The relationship between a character’s mentality and her physical surroundings.

After Thought

Directed by Li Li  
RUN TIME: 4:10 


Traveling time to review the past—things that somehow left his memory.


Directed by Joel Mackenzie 
RUN TIME: 2:50 


A reformed Lumberjack embraces nature power to defeat an 8-bit Wasp Monster.

Bewitched Barry

Directed by Chelsea Manifold
RUN TIME: 1:00


Barry and Pupper's magic show.