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Narrative Works, Studio Shorts, and Local Films

Sun, Jul 27, 2014
  • 7PM
RUN TIME: 70min
MEMBERS: $9 (Movie Moguls free)
July 2014
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Sunday July 27, 2014
Performances no longer available.

An eclectic program of narrative, studio, and local animated shorts.

Junior’s World

Directed by Alex Cline 
RUN TIME: 4:28 


The story of a father learning to love his strange son.

Monkey Rag

Directed by Joanna Davidovich 
RUN TIME: 3:54 


A bouncy, animated romp set to the rollicking Asylum Street Spankers tune.

Some Vacation

Directed by Anne S. Lewis 
RUN TIME: 6:10 


Both a family vacation and an unconventional business road trip.

Eat Cake

Directed by Leah Shore 
RUN TIME: 0:31


Fruitcake! It's so addicting!

This is Muffin Buds: Pass the Salt

Directed by Eric Aldama & Rachel Yonda 
RUN TIME: 5:11 


Muffins try to make sense of the world while never putting forth much of an effort.

Bakerman & the Bunnymen

Directed by Scout Raskin 
RUN TIME: 4:36 


In this 1920s-style short, a baker is cannibalized by his creations.

I Only Dream Of Love

Directed by Aleksandar Trofin
RUN TIME: 1:07 


Lost in the loneliness of his bathtub, Miguel has a fantasy about his rubber ducky.


Directed by Chadwick Whitehead 
RUN TIME: 2:06 


A farmer struggles to keep his farm in court.


Directed by Ron Yavnieli 
RUN TIME: 3:29 


Bobo, Ganto, and Claude are gorillas that wreak havoc on their wildlife preserve.

Norm and Cory

Directed by Andrew Kaiko 
RUN TIME: 3:04 


Can animals learn from humans? Norm the chipmunk will set out to prove they can.

Bear Hog

Directed by Andres Kwon 
RUN TIME: 0:30


A bear and a hog eat marshmallows.

Robots in Space

Directed by Ilana Morgan Schwartz 
RUN TIME: 2:52


Little Jimbot is a cute robot who just wants to bounce and play in outer space!


Directed by Bernardo Britto
RUN TIME: 5:40 


A man is hired to compile the history of existence before the planet blows up.


Directed by Erick Oh 
RUN TIME: 6:34 


A film that should have not been made.

Rat Trippin’

Directed by Josh Parker 
RUN TIME: 0:20


What happens when someone accidentally kicks a rat in NYC.

The Well

Directed by Alex Kamer
RUN TIME: 4:22 


Stop motion about a girl who falls down a well and the man who tries to save her.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bears

Directed by Jill Johnston 
RUN TIME: 3:25 


Theriophobia is a fear of the beast.

Confusion Thru Sand

Directed by Ornana Films and Danny Madden 
RUN TIME: 11:59 


A nineteen year old is alone in a hostile desert, scared as hell and trained to react.