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Animation Block's Best Cartoons for Kids

Sun, Apr 27, 2014
  • 2PM
RUN TIME: 70min
MEMBERS: $8 (Movie Moguls free)
April 2014
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Sunday April 27, 2014
Performances no longer available.

In this special showcase, Animation Block shares some of the world’s best cartoons for kids, including selections from the award-winning StoryBots from JibJab Media; CloudKid’s The Idiotic Adventures of Philippe and Pierre, which follows the friendship of two quirky characters looking for a head and a body; educational cartoons from TED-Ed; and much more.


Directed by Messina Smith
RUN TIME: 4:05


This kid is really bored, and he has a song to prove it.

Philippe and Pierre in Teleportal Trouble

Directed by Dave Schlafman
RUN TIME: 1:38


Philippe needs a body. Pierre needs a brain. In this segment, Pierre builds a teleportation device in hopes of solving their problem.

StoryBots: Animal Songs - Tiger in the Jungle

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:22


Have a roaring good time with a big striped cat who taps to the beat of a wild jungle jam!

TED-Ed: Why is yawning contagious?

Directed by Biljana Labovic
RUN TIME: 4:28


Did just reading the word make you feel like yawning yourself?

StoryBots: The Wheels on the Bus - Classic Songs

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:07


Join the StoryBots as they enjoy a fun, sound-filled bus ride all through the town.

Slap Back Jack — High Five Master

Directed by Mark Newell
RUN TIME: 11min


A legendary high-five guru helps superstar ballplayer Bub Stocky get his mojo back.

StoryBots: Body Songs - Brain, Brain, Brain

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:14


The human brain is always hungry for new information. 

TED-Ed: How taking a bath led to Archimedes' Principle

Directed by Jeremiah Dickey
RUN TIME: 3:01


Archimedes stumbles on the principle that will make him famous.


Created by Gary Doodles and Steve Borst
RUN TIME: 8min
Nickelodeon exclusive!


SwaySway and Buhdeuce run a bread delivery service.

Potty Monsters

Directed by Courtney Pure
RUN TIME: 6min


A young girl overcomes her fear of the dark.

Philippe and Pierre in Bird Brain Blues

Directed by Dave Schlafman
RUN TIME: 1:11


Join Pierre as he tries to use a bird to get Philippe on his body.


Directed by Ting Chian Tey
RUN TIME: 2:44


A group of animals try to cross a bridge, but they end up turning into each other's obstacles in the process!

StoryBots: Captain of the Boat - The Boat Song

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:39


Whether sailing a cruise ship or tiny canoe, traveling by boat can be oceans of fun!

Icarus Falls

Directed by Jesse O'Brien
RUN TIME: 2:58


A boy yearning to fly builds flying machines, each one more dangerous than the last.

Philippe and Pierre in Snowman Silliness

Directed by Dave Schlafman
RUN TIME: 1:41


Join Pierre as he tries to use a bird to get Philippe on his body.

TED-Ed: Should we eat bugs

Directed by Alicia Reece
RUN TIME: 4:51


What's tasty, abundant, and high in protein? Bugs! 

That's a Rectangle - Songs About Shapes

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:24 min


A delightful musical tribute to one of the most useful quadrangles.

Sun Dog

Directed by Tegan Thomas
RUN TIME: 4:40


A broken lighthouse is all Cara has when her father goes missing at sea.

My Little Friend

Directed by Eric Prah
RUN TIME: 2min


A greedy little pigeon steals food from a hungry hobo.

StoryBots: Outer Space: We are the Planets - Solar System Song

Directed by JibJab
RUN TIME: 1:58


The sun and planets give you a rapped spin on the whole solar system.

Animation Block Outro

Directed by Anneli Strassler