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Film | Kids

Cutting Hedge Animation

Ages 7—10
Feb 22—Feb 23, 2014
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RUN TIME: 75min
$9 for children (13 & under) and seniors
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Thu Jan 09
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February 2014
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Saturday February 22, 2014
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Wild, weird and wonderful animation from five continents will keep you guessing and tickle your funny bones.  Watch out when newspaper headlines come alive in Inspector Street and giggle when a group of garbage bins try to teach an old dumpster some new tricks (Eco Binz). Then celebrate when Alfred’s new music student goes for the gold trophy (Alfred & Anna).

BAM provides age recommendations as a resource for parents based on responses from our children’s focus group. We encourage you to use these recommendations in planning your family’s festival experience!

Dir. Nicolas Villarreal
Argentina, 2012, 9 min
North American premiere. 

A solitary scientist gets an unexpected visitor to his milk factory and makes a new friend.  

Wolf Dog Tales

Dir. Bernadine Santistevan
USA, 2012, 7 min
New York premiere.


This beautifully animated series of stories about wolves was inspired by Native American wisdom.

Dir. Thomas G. Murphy
Belgium/UK, 2012, 7 min
No dialogue. New York premiere. 

Underwater life is a challenge for little Snap until he meets an unlikely new buddy who teaches him that friends come in all shapes and sizes. 

The Boy and the Moon
Dir. Calogero (Rino) Alaimo
Italy/UK, 2012, 6 min
US premiere. 

One night when there are no stars out, a young boy falls in love with the moon. He decides to try to win her affection with different gifts, but riches don’t impress her. 

The Honey Plot
Dir. Al Cox
UK, 2012, 4 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

A bear tries to flee the country with a stolen beehive full of honey, but first he has to make it past airport security. 

Inspector Street
Dir. Emmanuelle Loslier
Canada, 2013, 8 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

A guest of wind brings newspaper headlines to life, releasing fantastical creatures. With skillful paper cut-outs, origami, and a sense of humor, we are plunged into an animated, dreamlike world where Montreal’s buildings come alive. 

Eco Binz
Dir. Iztok H. Schutz
Slovenia, 2013, 7 min
No dialogue. US premiere. 

Three new garbage bins try to teach an old dumpster to separate items and recycle. 

Mole at the Sea
Dir. Anna Kadykova
Russia, 2012, 5 min
No dialogue.New York premiere. 

A mole in the crowded city dreams of the beautiful beach, but when he gets there he finds it isn't exactly what he'd expected. 

The Odd Sound Out
Dirs. Pernille Sihm and Ida Maria Andersen
Denmark, 2013, 7 min
No dialogue. New York premiere. 

Small bands of invisible creatures play songs mimicking the moods of the people they follow around. But one trumpeting creature is kicked out of his own group and searches far and wide for the place where he belongs. 

Alfred and Anna
Dir. Juanma Suarez
Spain, 2013, 15 min
No dialogue. East Coast premiere. 

Alfred, a once great music school teacher, loses his passion when he runs out of students. The first boy to show up in years has no obvious musical talent, challenging Alfred's teaching abilities and his relationship with his loving wife, Anna.