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Tom Stathes' Cartoons on Film

Sat, Jul 26, 2014
  • 4:30PM
RUN TIME: 65min
MEMBERS: $9 (Movie Moguls free)
July 2014
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Saturday July 26, 2014
Performances no longer available.

Animation curator and collector Tom Stathes presents this throwback presentation, a tribute to animation legend Paul Terry's iconic 1910s creation, the crotchety, moonshine-swilling Farmer Al Falfa.

Down on Phoney Farm (1915)

Directed by Paul Terry, Thanhouser Company 
RUN TIME: 4:00


Farmer Al plants a seed that grows into a mug full of beer and more in this recently rediscovered short. 

Farmer Al Falfa Sees New York (1916)

Directed by Paul Terry, Bray Studios 
RUN TIME: 7:00


The Farmer decides to go on a trip to the big city. 

The Farmer and the Mice (1922)

Directed by Aesop’s Fables Studio 
RUN TIME: 5:00


The old homestead is infested with pests, and old Al can’t do much to ward off the mice.

Springtime (1923)

Directed by Aesop’s Fables Studio 
RUN TIME: 6:00


Farmer Al Falfa and Henry the Cat take advantage of the weather with a trip to the beach. 

Signs of Spring (1927)

Directed by Aesop’s Fables Studio 
RUN TIME: 6:00


For age-old reasons, Farmer Al Falfa is hated by the animal kingdom.

Barnyard Artists (1928)

Directed by Hugh Shields, Aesop’s Fables Studio 
RUN TIME: 6:00


Farmer Al Falfa sets up an animation studio in the great outdoors.

Dinner Time (1928)

Directed by John Foster, Van Beuren Prod 
RUN TIME: 6:00


In the first cartoon with true sound sync, local animals go about their daily trials and tribulations. 

Custard Pies (1929)

Directed by Van Beuren Productions 
RUN TIME: 6:00


Aesop's Fables animals frolick until Farmer Al appears with a cart of custard pies.

Noah’s Outing (1932)

Directed by Frank Moser, Terrytoons 
RUN TIME: 6:00


Farmer Al Falfa is back in biblical times, portraying Noah. 

The Talking Magpies (1946)

Directed by Mannie Davis, Terrytoons 
RUN TIME: 6:00


Farmer Al and his dog are trying to lead a quiet existence in their old farmhouse.