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Film | Kids

Fun Times

Ages 3—5
Feb 27—Feb 28, 2016
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RUN TIME: 55min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2016
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Saturday February 27, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Curated by Northwest Film Forum

Join two mad scientists in their lab, trick some hungry dragons and dinosaurs, prepare lunch with a team of playful sushi rolls, and discover the beautiful music of friendship in this program of sweet and silly animated shorts, intended for very young viewers.

Note to parents: This program is full of lively stories and happy endings, though not all the plot lines are conflict-free. We encourage parents of especially sensitive kids to read the one-line film descriptions below to their little ones before the show, so everyone knows what to expect.

Boing Doing Squeak Ping

Dir. Lisan Peters
The Netherlands, animation, 2013, 1min
East Coast premiere


Starting with a single humble ping, a series of noisy shapes build to a rousing chorus before slipping into chaos in this simple abstract short.

No Bongo Ting Kwa Kwa

Dir. Walter Santucci
USA, animation, 2015, 2min
In English
East Coast premiere


Two silly scientists can’t agree on the best way to use their laboratory equipment in this weird and delightful musical short that combines puppetry and animation.

Konigirikun - A Small Rice Ball

Dir. Mari Miyazawa
Japan, animation, 2015, 5min
East Coast premiere


A lively stop-action film about the daily routine of a group of sushi rolls, featuring a cast of loveable characters, including a friendly ghost, a fun-loving rice ball, and his pet broccoli floret.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Dir. Pete List
USA, 2015, 11min
In English


This new twist on the classic fairy tale brings Goldilocks to a house of dinosaurs, where she stumbles upon three enormous, tantalizing bowls of chocolate pudding.

Fridge Princess

Dirs. Tale Do, Michelle Oh, and Ruby Xia
Canada, animation, 2015, 3min
East Coast premiere


After a little girl spills a bottle of ink on her drawing of a cute princess, the princess wonders whether she’ll earn a spot on the door of the family fridge.

Herman’s Heart

Dir. Anne Kristin Berge
Norway, animation, 2014, 8min
East Coast premiere


A lush, imaginative, visually striking tale about a little boy named Herman and the journey he takes to find room in his heart for his baby sister.

Sensible Senses

Dir. Joanna Polak
Poland, animation, 2013, 5min
Nonverbal, with text in English
East Coast premiere


An inventive stop-action short about the five senses, featuring a man stimulated—and eventually overstimulated—by the tastes, sounds, and smells he finds around him.

How Shammies Tidied Up

Dir. Edmunds Jansons
Latvia, animation and live action, 2015, 5min
In English
East Coast premiere


When a group of adorable humanoid dolls called the Shammies can’t find their toys, they decide to make a game of cleaning up the clutter in their room.

Rice Ball’s Little Mallet

Dir. Yu Li-Fu
Taiwan, animation, 2014, 4min
In Mandarin with English subtitles
East Coast premiere


When a smart little boy ventures into the forest to collect wood for an old carpenter, he must use his magical mallets to outwit a dragon he meets along the way.

Friends (Episodes 1-2-5-8-10)

Dirs. Christophe Defaye and Olivier Defaye
Japan, animation, 2014, 10min
In English
East Coast premiere


A series of episodes about the adventures of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, and do, a spirited bunch of musical notes who get together to make some beautiful tunes.

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