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Make It Magic

Ages 2—5
Feb 7—Feb 8, 2015
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RUN TIME: 45min
MEMBERS: $9 (Movie Moguls free)
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors
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Saturday February 07, 2015
Performances no longer available.

Curated by Northwest Film Forum

The world is full of magic in the most surprising places. Discover a seashell that can shrink buildings and pick up boats, a ring that tells you the truth about anything you see, a comb that will make your hair grow like wild vines, and a toy car who remembers its favorite owner.

Note for parents: A small water pistol is shown in Moritz and a very brief glimpse of a bare bottom appears in Kalle Kran.

A Shell

Dir. Maya Tiberman
Israel, live action and special effects, 2013, 7:20 min
No dialogue.
A boy discovers a shell in the sand that turns the beach into a fantastic playground. New York premiere.

Cartoon Away

Dir. Augusto Bicalho Roque
Brazil, animation, 2013, 3:40 min
No dialogue.
Can a cartoon character escape the page he’s drawn on? Not if his creator has anything to say about it!


Dir. Allison Coon-Come
Canada/Cree Nation, live action and animation, 2014, 4:01 min
One line of dialogue spoken in Cree is subtitled, the rest of the film is non-verbal.
A boy’s favorite toy car takes a special journey across time to meet him. New York premiere.

Kalle Kran

Dir. Johan Hagelbäck
Sweden, animation, 2014, 6 min
No dialogue.
Kalle operates a big crane and can fix any problem, big or small. New York premiere.

Mr. Toti and Magic Comb

Dirs. G. Handzlik and J. Baran
Poland, animation, 2014, 8 min
In Polish with English subtitles.
Bald Mr. Toti finds a magic comb and now his hair just won’t stop growing! New York premiere.


Dir. Stefanie Maier
Germany, live action, 2014, 5:59 min
No dialogue.
How can a boy with a boundless imagination fix his favorite toy? New York premiere.

One Man, Eight Cameras

Dir. Naren Wilks
England, live action, 2014, 2:24 min
No dialogue.
A man explores a kaleidoscopic magic room where new versions of himself keep appearing. New York premiere.

Secret Decoder Ring

Dir. Eli Brown
USA, live action, 2013, 4 min
In English.
Justin sends away for a toy surprise from the back of his cereal box.

Amai the Bird of Light

Dir. Fauzia Minallah
Pakistan, animation, 2012, 3:43 min
In English and Urdu.
Children hop aboard a beautiful bird and travel far and wide. New York premiere.