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Animation for Kids

Jul 30—Jul 31, 2016
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RUN TIME: 70min
July 2016
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Saturday July 30, 2016
Performances no longer available.

A fresh selection of the year's best family-friendly animated shorts gathered from festivals and the major studios.

Hip Hop Barnyard

Directed by JibJab / Venice 
RUN TIME: 1:13


An exclusive new StoryBots hip hop cow cartoon from JibJab.

Bound For Glory

Directed by David Chai 
RUN TIME: 3:37 


A retired steam train engineer takes his grandchild down the tracks of memory lane. 


Directed by Nathan Jurevicius 
RUN TIME: 7:07 


For generations the Face Changers have made the clay tokens that alter the winds.

Wake Up - Songs About Behaviors

Directed by JibJab / Venice 
RUN TIME: 1:08


Waking up in the morning can be hard, but this snappy song makes it a lot more fun!

Red Kite

Directed by Andrew Chalmers 
RUN TIME: 3:44 


An ambitious young kite gets more than he wanted on a day of flying at the park. 

B is for Build

Directed by Daniel Weinkauf, Eric Kreidler 
RUN TIME: 1:07 


A new cartoon from Sesame Street featuring the letter B.


Directed by Gregory Chen 
RUN TIME: 6:08 


A simple-minded dog befriends a bizarre yet kind family.

Toot The Tugboat - Green Trouble

Directed by Matthew Hood 
RUN TIME: 11:00 


Join Toot and his friends on a fun-filled voyage of discovery and adventure.

D is for Dinosaur

Directed by Jeremy Galante, David Cowles 
RUN TIME: 1:20 


Sesame’s latest letter short focuses on the letter D for Dinosaur.

Jumpin’ Jack

Directed by Grant Whitsitt 
RUN TIME: 3:23 


A Jazz Age inspired, animated music video about a short kid in a tall world.

Some Days Are Bug Days

Directed by Mary C. Taylor 
RUN TIME: 2:14 


Poor Junebug. She's having another one of those days, a bug day. 

Dust Buddies

Directed by Sam Wade, Beth Tomashek 
RUN TIME: 4:05 


Don't let your friends get treated like dirt. 


Directed by Kyle Samuels 
RUN TIME: 2:01 


Pebbles the penguin dares to dream.

Farmer - Songs About Professions

Directed by JibJab / Venice 
RUN TIME: 1:06


Plowing fields, planting seeds, raising all kinds of crops and livestock...

Hey Deer

Directed by Örs Bárczy 
RUN TIME: 6:17 


A deer suffers from extraordinary earthquakes every night. 

Chang Shu

Directed by Chang Su 
RUN TIME: 2:09 


A small girl must cheat the height requirement to ride the roller coaster of her dreams.

G is for Games

Directed by Brad Pattullo 
RUN TIME: 1:07 


Games are highlighted in this fun learning short from Sesame Street.

Buffalo Song

Directed by Cecilia Aranovich 
RUN TIME: 3:09 


A whimsical ode dedicated to the legendary giant of the West, the American Buffalo.

Like Dad

Directed by Jiyeon Jung 
RUN TIME: 3:42 


A painter is distracted by his mischievous daughter.

Teacher - Songs About Professions

Directed by JibJab / Venice 
RUN TIME: 1:00


A teacher has the important job of helping kids learn everything from the alphabet to art.

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