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Film Series

Bresson on Cinema

Nov 4—Nov 15, 2016

Cinema’s great ascetic, Robert Bresson, searched for the soul in the modern world. To mark the NYRB’s publication of Bresson on Bresson: Interviews, 1943-1983 (newly translated from the acclaimed French edition) and Bresson’s beloved aphoristic treatise on the art of film, Notes on the Cinematograph, this series will present a selection of Bresson’s films alongside favorite films that embody his radical sensibility.

Though his films are often discussed in terms of their sui generis style—an aesthetic that favored non-professional actors, intricate sound design, and tableaux-like compositions—this series reveals an artist in dialogue with cinema history, illuminating our understanding of this most elusive and divinely inspired of filmmakers.

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Bresson’s study of crime and spiritual crisis is forever modern.

Nov 4—Nov 6, 2016
Bicycle Thieves

Vittorio De Sica’s neorealist masterpiece transforms “real life” into heartrending cinema.

Nov 5—Nov 11, 2016
The Gold Rush

Charlie Chaplin delights in this hilarious and heartfelt silent comedy classic.

Nov 6—Nov 13, 2016
City Lights

Chaplin’s masterpiece balances balletic physical comedy and heart-tugging pathos.

Nov 6—Nov 12, 2016
Louisiana Story

Pioneering quasi-documentarian Robert Flaherty captures a child’s-eye view of nature.

Mon, Nov 7, 2016
Man of Aran

The hardscrabble life of an Irish fishing family is depicted in this docufiction landmark.

Tue, Nov 8, 2016
Buster Keaton Shorts

This program brings together three of the best of Bresson favorite Buster Keaton.

Wed, Nov 9, 2016
Battleship Potemkin

Eisenstein’s electrifying agitprop masterwork remains a technical tour-de-force.

Nov 10—Nov 14, 2016
Brief Encounter

A housewife and married doctor carry out a secret affair in this classic romance.

Fri, Nov 11, 2016
A Man Escaped

Bresson’s prison break classic wrings suspense from an accumulation of minute details.

Sat, Nov 12, 2016
Diary of a Country Priest

Bresson’s breakthrough film is one of the great spiritual works of cinema.

Sun, Nov 13, 2016
The Testament of Orpheus

Jean Cocteau is a poet traveling through time in his fantastical final film.

Mon, Nov 14, 2016

Bresson’s study of earthly suffering is his most emotionally devastating work.

Tue, Nov 15, 2016