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Explorers + Invaders from Mars

Sun, Aug 14, 2016
  • 2PM
RUN TIME: 200min total with intermission
MEMBERS: $7 (free for Level 4 and above)
August 2016
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Sunday August 14, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Directed by Joe Dante
With Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, Jason Presson
1985, 109min, 35mm


Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix (each in their film debut) are two-thirds of a trio of boys who devise a homemade spaceship—that actually works! But when the kids blast off into the cosmos they discover something far different than the secrets of the universe. Dante’s ode to 1950s science fiction movies plays like the goofball cousin to E.T., with special effects by Industrial Light & Magic.

Invaders from Mars

Directed by William Cameron Menzies
With Jimmy Hunt, Helena Carter, Arthur Franz
1953, 68min, 35mm


The hallucinatory color art direction of legendary production designer-turned-director William Cameron Menzies overcomes a bargain-basement budget to lend an otherworldly atmosphere to this 1950s science fiction nightmare in which a young boy (Hunt) watches in terror as aliens take over his town. 

“His 1935 Things to Come is more prestigious, but Menzies reached his directorial zenith with this deliberately unreal “B” that has creeped out several generations of kids. A deliberately stylized, paranoid child’s eye view of an alien invasion, this dream-like fantasy was seen primarily by most of us on TV in black-and-white. But I saw it at an unforgettable kiddie matinee. The economical re-use and redressing of several simple sets should be required study for every low-budget art director.” —Joe Dante  

Little Buck Cheeser

Directed by Rudolf Ising
1937, 8min, 16mm


Cute-as-a-button cartoon mouse Little Cheeser and pals take a rocket ship to the moon in this MGM animated short.

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