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Film | Kids

Give and Get

Ages 5—8
Feb 27—Feb 28, 2016
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RUN TIME: 66min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2016
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Saturday February 27, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Curated by TIFF Kids™ International Film Festival

Kids face challenges making friends, fitting in, and finding the courage to stand out in this collection of shorts that encourage viewers to think creatively about kindness, courage, and character.

The Little Blue Balloon

Dir. Fáuston da Silva
Brazil, 2014, 18min
In Portuguese


This modern homage to Albert Lamorisse’s 1956 classic The Red Balloon tells the story of a girl whose life is brightened by a blue balloon that never leaves her side.

Exclamation Mark

Dir. Virginia Wilkos
USA, 2014, 6min
In English


An exclamation mark learns to find satisfaction whether he’s fitting in or standing out.

The Elephant and the Bicycle

Dir. Olesya Shchukina
France/Belgium, 2014, 9min
No dialogue


An elephant goes happily through life spending his wages on bananas, his favorite treat—until he sees an ad for a bicycle and starts saving for what is sure to be the ride of his life.

Bunny New Girl

Dir. Natalie van den Dungen
Australia, 2014, 6min
In English


When Annabelle wears a rabbit mask on the first day of school, her classmates wonder what she’s hiding. The empathy of a new friend gives her the courage to be seen as she is.


Dir. Natalie Labarre
USA, 2014, 6min
No dialogue


An overzealous father thinks he can invent the perfect guardian for his little girl. But it turns out no invention can replace the special bond of father and daughter.

Ahmed & Mildred

Dirs. Joe Horton and Adam Horton
United Kingdom, 2014, 5min
In English


Ahmed and Mildred bond over their love for the same crime-fighting superhero duo. When Ahmed loses his beloved action hero, friendship and fate ensure Mildred helps him get it back.

My Big Brother

Dir. Jason Rayner
USA, 2014, 3min
In English


A little boy reflects on his very big brother—who stands over 20 feet tall—with whom he shares a bedroom and a childhood.


Dir. Julia Ocker
Germany, 2013, 3min
No dialogue


Running carefree across the plains, a zebra notices a change in his coat and realizes that being unique is something to be celebrated.

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