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Film | Kids

I Spy Animals

Ages 3—5
Feb 27—Feb 28, 2016
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RUN TIME: 61min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2016
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Saturday February 27, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Make friends with furry, finned, and feathery members of the animal kingdom in this animated shorts showcase, featuring gentle stories about everything from tiny ants to humongous hippos, intended for very young viewers.

Note for parents: This program is full of uplifting characters and happy endings, though not all the plot lines are completely conflict-free. We encourage parents of especially sensitive kids to read the film descriptions below to their little ones before the show.

Perfect Houseguest

Dirs. Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter
USA, animation, 2015, 1min
New York premiere


The star of this clever short can’t resist tidying up after his messy human hosts, proving that mice need not always be thought of as pests. Instead, they can make the most considerate guests!

The Last Leaf

Dir. Gwyneth Christoffel
Canada, animation, 2014, 1min
New York premiere


A cute little caterpillar with a big appetite finds himself in a bit of trouble when he gets greedy for the last leaf on the tree.

The Birdie

Dir. Yekaterina Filippova
Russia, animation, 3min
East Coast premiere


In this heartening celebration of an unlikely friendship, two very different critters decide to build a lovely house and a happy life together.

The Visitors

Dir. Philip Watts
Australia, animation, 2014, 1min


As the saying goes, “a man’s home is his castle”. But this particular man’s castle is also appealing to a persistent group of unwanted guests.

Cabillito de Mar

Dir. Yenny Santamaría Amado
Colombia, animation, 2013 4min
In Spanish with English subtitles
East Coast premiere


Pliers, pencil sharpeners, buttons, and other found objects come to life as a coterie of sea creatures in this imaginative stop-motion film about the mysteries of the ocean.

The Most Best Hat

Dir. Jenelle Weidlich
USA, puppetry and live action, 2015, 3min
In English
New York premiere


What happens when the tiny pufferfish’s hat blows away? In this wonderfully wacky story, our discerning little hero won’t settle for just any replacement.

Hippo and Juice

Dir. Alexey Minchenok
Russia, animation, 2015, 2min
In English
East Coast premiere


A happy-go-lucky hippo finds that his favorite evening indulgence—blueberry pie and juice—has gone missing, in this clever short narrated in whimsical rhyming verse.


Dir. Marina Karpova
Russia, animation, 2015, 3min
In English
East Coast premiere


There’s a big crisis in the teeny world of one little ladybug: someone has taken her prisoner inside a matchbox. Now she’ll stop at nothing to make her great escape.

Cloudy Goats

Dir. Hamid Karimian
Iran, animation, 2014, 5min
East Coast premiere


A lonely lamb is lost on the mountainside, until a mysterious goatherd and his flock come to the rescue. After playing with his strange new friends, the lamb finds its way back to the village.

How Shammies Built a House

Dir. Edmunds Jansons
Latvia, animation and live action, 2015, 5min
In English
East Coast premiere


When a group of adorable humanoid dolls called the Shammies decides to get a pet, they know they must first build it a home. But along the way they realize each of them has a different pet in mind.

The Little Bird and the Squirrel

Dir. Lena von Döhren
Switzerland, animation, 2014, 4min
East Coast premiere


A tiny bird and a cute little squirrel have the occasional disagreement, but they love to work together—especially when it comes to outwitting the wily fox who lives on the forest floor.

Mr. K’s New House

Dir. Enson Huang
Taiwan, animation, 2014, 3min
In Mandarin with English subtitles
East Coast premiere


After Mr. K leaves the bustling city for the peace and quiet of a tranquil hillside, he meets a host of new and unexpected animal friends who make it so he’ll never be lonely.

The Mods

Dir. Antonio Padovan
Italy, animation, 2014, 3min
East Coast premiere


Two very different friends, a snake and a dinosaur, try their hardest to build a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Despite their differences, the pair is bent on making it work.


Dir. Pia Auteried
Germany, animation, 2014, 4min
East Coast premiere


A mushroom awakens one morning without his cap and is determined to get it back. In the process, the friendly little fungus learns an important lesson about kindness and generosity.


Dir. Dmitry Vysotskiy
Russia, animation, 2014, 4min


At home in the same tree, a little bird and a community of ants haven’t always seen eye to eye. But when a lumberjack comes along, they must band together to protect their shared home.


Dir. Justin Melillo
USA, animation, 2013, 3min
East Coast premiere


When a stubborn little lion cub is separated from his family, he makes an unexpected friend who helps him find his way home.

Xavier the Cat

Dirs. Andrzej Orzechowski and Bronislaw Zeman
Poland, animation, 2013, 8min
East Coast premiere


Xavier has been living alone for so long he’s become accustomed to his bachelor ways. But can this friendless feline change his stripes when some uninvited guests show up to play?

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