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Film | Kids

Reel Rascals

Ages 3—5
Feb 27—Feb 28, 2016
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RUN TIME: 64min
$10 for children (13 & under) and seniors
February 2016
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Saturday February 27, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Curated by TIFF Kids International Film Festival

This assortment of animated shorts from around the world has been carefully selected for our youngest audiences. From a little lamb who baaa-lks at the herd mentality to a toe-tappin’ bovine Broadway number, these tales teach lessons in friendship, family, caring, cooking, and growing.


Dir. Gottfried Mentor
Germany, 2013, 4min
In German


An adorable lamb with a mind of its own would rather moo than bleat, leaving its parents feeling sheepish in front of the flock.

The Giant Carrot

Dir. Pascale Hecquet
France/Belgium, 2014, 5min
No Dialogue


The soup is a tad short on flavor and needs some carrots. There’s one in the vegetable garden, but it’ll take the whole family, including the pets, to wrestle this rascally root up from the ground.

Fred & Anabel

Dir. Ralf Kukula
Germany, 2014, 8min
No dialogue


Feline Fred loves Anabel the goose, his best friend on the farm. But when autumn sends Anabel flying off with her flock, Fred is left longing all winter for her return.

The Little Hedgehog

Dir. Marjorie Caup
France/Belgium, 2014, 5min
In French


A hungry little hedgehog finds a magnificent apple and can’t wait to enjoy it, but the feast is put on pause when some uninvited guests want in on the fruits of his labor.


Dir. Mari Miyazawa
Japan, 2014, 7min
No dialogue


Late at night in a quiet kitchen, an animate icing bag gets to work decorating a three-tiered cake, with help from a group of confectionary creations that come to life before our eyes.

My Big Brother

Dir. Jason Rayner
USA, 2014, 3min
In English


A little boy reflects on his very big brother—who stands over 20 feet tall—with whom he shares a bedroom and a childhood.


Dir. Julia Ocker
Germany, 2013, 3min
No dialogue


Running carefree across the plains, a zebra notices a change in his coat and realizes that being unique is something to be celebrated.

Hee Hee Hatty

Dir. Tomek Glodek
Poland, 2014, 5min
No dialogue


Hitty is an imaginative little boy who loves going on adventures and solving riddles with the help of Hatty, his adept paper hat.


Dir. Lim Guo Jun
Singapore, 2013, 3min
No dialogue


Inspired by Disney’s Fantasia and set to music by Rossini, this abstract short features paper cutouts and found objects that dance into a mesmerizing crescendo.

The Mitten

Dir. Clementine Robach
France/Belgium, 2014, 9min
In French


With winter weather on the horizon, the animals will be sent scurrying for shelter. Lily and her grandfather bundle up and set out into the cold to help them.

The Law of the Jungle

Dir. Pascale Hecquet
France/Belgium, 2015, 6min
No dialogue


A clever little monkey must remember to keep his wits about him when the bigger monkeys want to encroach on his banana bounty.

Cows (Moosic Video)

Dir. Sandra Boynton
USA, 2014, 3min
In English


This toe-tappin’ Broadway number, performed by a squad of sincere yet overambitious bovines, is sure to get everyone moo-ving.

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