Student Films and Independent Animators

Fri, Jul 29, 2016
  • 7PM
RUN TIME: 70min
July 2016
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Friday July 29, 2016
Performances no longer available.

Animation Block Party presents an imaginative collection of the latest films by students and independent animators.  


Directed by Jamie Wolfe 
RUN TIME: 3:16 


The chronicle of four city dwellers pushed to the breaking point. 

Peaceful Reflections of the Apocalypse

Directed by Tom Hunt 
RUN TIME: 2:30 


Recalling a brief foray around town immediately following the Rapture.

Red Line Rage

Directed by Jennifer Stachovic 
RUN TIME: 2:42 


A college student accepts the challenge of riding public transportation.

Une Noce en Enfer

Directed by Yannick Boireau, Pierre Butet, Magali Garnier, Clémence Maret 
RUN TIME: 2:52 


Rachelle decides to plan the most magical marriage.

Super Science Friends: The Phantom Premise

Directed by Brett Jubinville 
RUN TIME: 15:17 


The gang travels to 1600s England to try and solve a case of missing apples.

Player Two

Directed by Zachary Antell 
RUN TIME: 3:40 


How video games foster the bond between brothers.


Directed by Julian Gallese 
RUN TIME: 3:28 


Enter a bird's dreamworld! 

To Your Liking

Directed by Lauren Filnner 
RUN TIME: 1:15 


Fruits and vegetables are given the movements and personalities of animals.

Talking Cure

Directed by Felipe Di Poi Tamargo 
RUN TIME: 4:22 


Parental advice plus online dating in a suburban paradise.

Makeshift Satellite

Directed by Cody Waizel 
RUN TIME: 4:32 


Oslo's trailer park home falls into a sinkhole.

Blind Eyes

Directed by Yifan Hu 
RUN TIME: 3:11 


A short animation about sexual identity and personal chaos.

Viva Lucha

Directed by Anne Fong and JD Gardner
RUN TIME: 3:49 


El Rey, a retired luchador, attempts to live a life as a normal white collar worker.

Toy Ride

Directed by Will Heff 
RUN TIME: 3:29 


Two friends purchase a French killer doll that wants to put an end to their road trip.

The Moon And The Sun

Directed by Sam Sohn 
RUN TIME: 2:00 


The personified Moon and Sun help a traveller who is lost in the dark.  

In The Forest

Directed by Xia Li 
RUN TIME: 3:47 


Far away from here, there is an enchanted forest that holds many deep, dark secrets…

Borrowed Time

Directed by Lou Hamou-Lhadj, Andrew Coats 
RUN TIME: 6:45 


A Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget.


Directed by Cooper Haskell 
RUN TIME: 3:08 


A day in the life of a pigeon.

Last Judgment

Directed by Junyi Xiao 
RUN TIME: 2:59 


50 years ago, the Culture Revolution took place in China.

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