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A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville

Apr 12—Apr 19, 2017

The singular voice of director, screenwriter, editor, and actress Anne-Marie Miéville is felt in both her relentlessly probing solo works and heady collaborations with longtime partner Jean-Luc Godard. She returns time and again to key themes: the nature of creative and romantic relationships; solitude and loneliness; communication and the need to express oneself honestly. Suffused with literature, music, and dance, Miéville’s rich body of films and video are intoxicatingly intellectual works with a poignantly human center.

Book of Mary, A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
Hail Mary + Book of Mary

Godard and Miéville offer twin tales of transcendence.

Apr 12—Apr 16, 2017
After The Reconciliation, A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
After the Reconciliation + How Can I Love

Miéville explores love, language, and the relationships between men and women.

Apr 12—Apr 15, 2017
My Dear Subject (Mon cher sujet), A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
My Dear Subject (Mon cher sujet)

Miéville’s first solo feature is a sensitive, emotionally complex portrait of three women.

Apr 13—Apr 15, 2017
First Name: Carmen, A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
First Name: Carmen

Godard’s radical reimagining of Bizet’s opera, with terrorists and Beethoven.

Apr 14—Apr 16, 2017
Every Man For Himself, A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
Every Man For Himself

Isabelle Huppert stars in Godard’s return to “mainstream” filmmaking.

Apr 14—Apr 16, 2017
Ici Et Ailleurs
Ici et ailleurs

One of the major works of 20th-century political cinema.

Sat, Apr 15, 2017
Lou Didn't Say No, A Woman’s Work: Anne-Marie Miéville
Lou Didn't Say No + Living It Up

Miéville’s study of modern love, inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke and his psychoanalyst.

Apr 15—Apr 19, 2017
We're All Still Here
We're All Still Here (Nous sommes tous encore ici)

Miéville skips from the philosophical to the political to the personal.

Sun, Apr 16, 2017
2 x 50 + Soft and Hard

Miéville and Godard examine le cinéma.

Tue, Apr 18, 2017
Comment Ca Va?
Comment ça va?

Godard and Miéville deconstruct the politics of image making.

Wed, Apr 19, 2017