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Experimental Films, Graphic Design and Music Videos

Sun, Jul 30, 2017
  • 9PM
RUN TIME: 70min
MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)
July 2017
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Sunday July 30, 2017
Performances no longer available.

An animated interpretive dance, a journey from Tokyo into the mountains, and an animated noir short film. These are just some of the stories in the experimental section of this year’s Animation Block Party.

Gifoween Loop

Directed by Emily Friend Roberts / NYC
RUN TIME: 2:01


Spooky animated cycles.

Our Destiny

Directed by Marcos Sanchez / Chile
RUN TIME: 3:57


An animated music video set somewhere in the IXX century, about a young ghost trying to go back to his loved one.


Directed by Stephan Larson / Michigan
RUN TIME: 3:43


The machine does not care what it is stretching as long as its purpose is fulfilled… it stretches.

Divisional Articulations

Directed by Max Hattler / Germany
RUN TIME: 4:33


Fuzzy analogue music and geometric digital animation collide in electronic feedback.

Lotus Lantern

Directed by Xingpei Shen / China
RUN TIME: 6:30


A peek into the wax lotus. Lotus Lantern is a tribute to late Chinese singer Zhou Xuan, a missing link between filmmaker’s queer identity and Chinese heritage.


Directed by Anne Beal / Chicago
RUN TIME: 3:58


The American Dream wants to know where you stand, what you’re wearing, and whether you’re going to cook him dinner. Are you positioned for success?

The Realm of Deepest Knowing

Directed by SeungHee Kim / South Korea
RUN TIME: 3:30


To know someone on deepest level becomes deeply rooted love which is the source of life.

Glorious Victory

Directed by Will Kim / Los Angeles
RUN TIME: 2:05


Two beetles fight over a fig fruit leading to a complete disaster


Directed by Shane Beam / DePaul
RUN TIME: 4:46


An audition for a conditioner commercial becomes an otherworldy psychogenic experience.


Directed by Nathan Campbell / San Francisco
RUN TIME: 1:55


A whaling run takes a turn for the worse when a fearless captain and her small crew of whale-hunters encounter a far more ancient and horrible evil.

Bloop’s Birthday

Directed by Julian Glander / NYC
RUN TIME: 3:24


It's Bloop's birthday and she's so excited, and then she gets buried alive in a hole.

ZEDS DEAD "Too Young”

Directed by Christopher Ullens de Schooten / UK
RUN TIME: 3:09


In a stylishly handcrafted miniature world, a bunch of colourful characters depict several clichés of our overly connected, social media addicted and technology obsessed society.


Directed by Jared D. Weiss / Los Angeles
RUN TIME: 1:44


An animated interpretive dance featuring Brazey.


Directed by Daniel Rowe & Maya Erdelyi / Boston
RUN TIME: 4:04


A train journey from Tokyo into the mountains of Tsuruoka, to the cities of Osaka and Kyoto.

A Symphony Of Stone

Directed by Beatriz Gutierrez Hernandez / Pratt
RUN TIME: 2:16


A girl falls in love with Prague after visiting for the first time. In their solitude they see themselves reflected on each other, and develop a unique connection.


Directed by Tess Martin / Netherlands
RUN TIME: 3:42


Dawn is breaking and the owls are stirring. A young woman has been murdered, but is this truly the end? This short film is based on an unfinished poem by Percy Shelley.

disillusionment of 10 point font

Directed by Greg Condon / NYC
RUN TIME: 1:12


A collection of playfully animated words created on a typewriter.


Directed by Hezhenyi Cao / China
RUN TIME: 3:07


A battle between a young woman and her reflected old self.


Directed by Carly Lieberman / Boston
RUN TIME: 6:20


Two Interviewees from polar ends of the political spectrum discuss their ideal United States and their fears for the future of the country in the wake of the 2017 election.

Invisible Barriers

Directed by Mustashrik Mahbub / United Kingdom
RUN TIME: 2:04


Empowering young women around the world that they deserve the opportunities given to the, and with the help of their community, they can change the world.

By The Sea

Directed by Justin Haywood / Mass Art
RUN TIME: 0:36


A time texture made from junk.


Directed by Milo Targett / United Kingdom
RUN TIME: 2:13


Comfort is paramount behind the dam and drinks are cheap, but good times can’t last forever.


Directed by Marco Jesolo / Italy
RUN TIME: 7:17


A noir animated short-film, which investigates the role of the individual in society.

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