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Film Series

Jamaa Fanaka: L.A. Rebel

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Sep 22—Sep 27, 2017

One of the most daring, subversive, and iconoclastic filmmakers to emerge from the LA Rebellion movement, Jamaa Fanaka mixed blaxploitation genre thrills with explosive socio-political subtext. A true auteur—he wrote, produced, directed, and distributed his first three features while still a student at UCLA—his films are at once unabashedly entertaining and unflinching in their dissection of systemic racism, violence, and black American life.


Fanaka’s surprise-hit prison saga is a visceral gut-punch writ in sweat and blood.

Sep 22—Sep 26, 2017
Welcome Home Brother Charles
Welcome Home Brother Charles+ A Day in the Life of Willie Faust...

A wrongly imprisoned man gets even in Fanaka’s jaw-dropping blaxploitation-style shocker.

Sat, Sep 23, 2017
Penitentiary II
Penitentiary II

The sequel to Fanaka’s cult classic dives headfirst into pure pulp delirium.

Sep 23—Sep 26, 2017
Emma mae
Emma Mae

Fanaka creates one of the toughest and most complex black heroines of the 70s.

Sun, Sep 24, 2017
Penetentiary iii
Penitentiary III

The berserk final installment in Fanaka’s series.

Sep 24—Sep 27, 2017
Street Wars

A man takes over a crack-dealing operation in Fanaka’s take on the urban-jungle gangster genre.

Mon, Sep 25, 2017