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Film | Visual Art

Loss for Words

Tue, Nov 7, 2017
  • 7PM
MEMBERS: $7.50 (free for Level 4 and above)
November 2017
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Tuesday November 07, 2017
Performances no longer available.

This film companion to the visual art exhibition Loss for Words comprises five short videos by artists addressing the slippery nature of language at a time when forms of communication are both disappearing and rapidly evolving.


Directed by Kim Schoen
2017, 23min


Kim Schoen’s short video piece Hawaii(23) depicts the production of empty books and the decisions around titling these blank forms. It begins in straight documentary style and is gradually intercut with more imagistic sequences, as Schoen employs the similarly blank form of stock footage to form striking, new associative meanings for these vacant objects.


Directed by Sara Greenberger Rafferty
2017, 18min


This absurd mashup combines material found at the National Museum of American History while researching jokes in Phyllis Diller’s archive with information about bulk data collection by the NSA. In Identify, Sara Greenberger Rafferty speaks directly to the current political climate and its disdain for truth over entertainment.

Slow Zoom, Long Pause

Directed by Sara Magenheimer
2015, 13min


Asking questions like, “What color is the sound of your name?” and “Can you think of a thing that itself is a symbol, too?” Sara Magenheimer’s Slow Zoom, Long Pause is a philosophical exploration of the inherent hierarchies embedded in linguistic structures, drawing a direct correlation between language and image.

Open Outcry

Directed by Ben Thorp Brown
2013, 14min


Ben Thorp Brown's video examines the obsolescent hand language of commodities traders, tying the flow of capital to the creation and dissolution of linguistic forms.

OMG + Reply

Directed by Abbey Williams
OMG, 2016, 6min/Reply, 2017, 8min


In OMG and Reply, Abbey Williams creates cacophonous compositions by interweaving personal footage with images sourced from films and video games, screen captures from texting, and YouTube comments. The resulting montage is a personal narrative reflecting the divisiveness and lack of clarity these new modes of communication bring.

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